Reborn Babies – The Future of Silicone Dolls

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If you’re a parent with a small child, toys have probably become an important part of your daily reality. You will often obsess with what product is optimal for your child’s development, should you buy this or that, how will it affect a baby in the long run etc.

Even with all these toys and constant commercials persuading us to give a chance to certain products, there are still lots of items that go under the radar; toys that will barely know exist. One of these products is reborn baby dolls. 

What are reborn baby dolls?

Reborn baby dolls are basically dolls that look very realistic.

Most people don’t even know about them as they are rarely sold in regular stores. In fact, back in the day when they were first introduced to big department stores, people didn’t accept them the right way. Consumers claimed that these dolls are too realistic up to a point of being scary. This is why even today, you cannot find them in your regular toy stores. You have to go to specialized or artistic shops. Still, the majority of them are bought online.

Initially created as an improvement to traditional dolls, craftsmen would take regular products and further polish them. They would play with their skin, hair, nails and other parts in order to create items that resemble real kids. First reborn dolls were made in the USA during the 1930s but they never managed to get enough exposure. For the longest time, they remained specialized items and you had to be a real doll enthusiast to know about them.

What are all the benefits of reborn baby dolls?

Strangely enough, even the biggest doll enthusiasts think that reborn baby dolls are not toys in their traditional sense. Unlike regular toys which you would give to a child, reborns are items that are meant to last for a long time. In most cases, companies and artists use high-quality materials ensuring that these dolls can last for quite a while. Still, that doesn’t mean they cannot be damaged: sunlight, heat, water, moisture, sharp objects, small kids, can all lead to damage.

So, who uses these dolls? What are their benefits?

  • Reborn baby dolls are an ideal gift for children. They are small masterpieces and if you kid loves doll, this can be an ideal thing for their birthday or for some other occasion
  • They are very popular among collectors. Each item is unique which makes them that much more valuable. In fact, the most expensive dolls are sold for thousands of dollars which shows how fanatical people are regarding these dolls
  • Given their baby-like appearance, they can be used for educational purposes. If you wish to educate a young mother how to carry her child or to educate young pediatricians, these dolls can serve as a great tool

However, there is another much darker side to them.

As it turns out, these dolls are extremely popular among women who lost a child or suffered some other child-related loss. As a way of coping with a traumatic experience, they would buy these dolls and role play with them. It’s not unusual to see women combing their hair, feeding them on a bottle, taking them for a walk and doing other activities. For some people, this is a really troublesome behavior. However, there is a slight chance they can have a positive impact (at least as a way of relaxing).

There is still lots of debate regarding these dolls but don’t be surprised if people and even institutions start using them in a higher volume.

Should I buy one of these dolls for my kid?

This is the most important questions and it’s really hard to give an answer to it.

These dolls tend to cost a bit more than your regular dolls. Still, for certain models, the price isn’t that high so that it would deter you from buying. One of the cheapest online stores that sell realistic silicone dolls is They have on sale items which are as cheap as $50 per silicone doll.

The main thing you need to consider is whether or not your child will actually like it and play with it. Dolls can be a great gift for kids but they also may teach them some responsibility. If your child is interested in them, you may as well buy a reborn baby doll as a gift.

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