Ideas for Turning Your Backyard into a Venue

If you’ve got a spacious backyard, you’re looking at a far greater opportunity than growing a few plants and flowers and admiring the view from your patio (although that’s fun too). In a large backyard, you’ve got a blank canvas for setting up all kinds of parties provided that their theme allows for outdoor execution.

Besides the obvious advantage of not having to spend a small fortune at a separate banquet hall, using your backyard as the venue also gives you the freedom to hold the event at the time that is most convenient for you (dedicated venues are normally booked for weeks in advance, so often you must compromise on your plans to be able to book them). And then there is also the fact that you don’t have to worry about footing an expensive bill in case you or some guest ends up damaging something or making a mess.

Here are just a few of the events that you can hold with the freedom afforded by your backyard:


An event as big as a wedding will undoubtedly require a pretty big backyard, one that is covered by grass (preferably without any dry patches of the ground). If you’ve got several tall trees interspersed through the yard, you can strategically position hanging decorative lights from the branches for dramatic effect, and white rose bushes create an elegant aesthetic too, particularly if you’re holding the event during the day or at dusk.

Night time events may require greater lighting, and for this, you could put decorative lamps (or candle lanterns if you want to be really fancy) on the tables, so the guests are easily able to see the food that they are served! A small pavilion painted in pure white can be the ideal spot for the couple to exchange their vows – if you’ve got one, try to have your entire setup should be created with it at the center e.g. the tables could be spiraling outwards from it, and so on.


Birthdays, thankfully, don’t require as much effort to go into them as a wedding does. The reason for this is that for them, you normally have a more limited selection of guests – close friends and family, who can be entertained in a more familiar and casual setting.

All you need to do for your child’s perfect outdoor birthday party is to put up a large table to hold the cake and other food items and throw in some classic birthday games such as musical chairs, limbo, and piñata. For the last one, just make sure that it is played under adult supervision so that no one ends up getting hurt with a misaimed/mistimed swing.


Barbecues require even less preparation then birthdays – all you need is a portable grill (if you don’t have a fixed outdoor one), a table to hold the food, drinks, utensils, and seasonings, and chairs for the guests to sit on (optional). One piece of advice is to do it in an open, well-ventilated part of your lawn so that you don’t end up having breathing difficulties from all the smoke that is bound to be generated.

If you’ve got access to timber, you could also set up a traditional campfire and place the logs for your guests to sit on while they enjoy their food. This would undoubtedly be more fun in the evenings, especially if there is a moderately skilled guitarist in your midst. All in all, a perfect opportunity to catch up with friends whom you haven’t hung out with for a while.

Christmas parties

If you don’t live in a part of the world that is likely to experience a blizzard on Christmas eve (or where the temperature is unbearably cold outside), an outdoor Christmas party can be a nice change from the rather vanilla parties that are held inside.

The main difference would be that instead of hanging your decorations around the walls of your living room, you would be doing the same on the vegetation that is present in your backyard. Have some eggnog ready for your guests (but preferably put it indoors in a place that can be easily accessed from outside to keep it at a suitable temperature).

Since Christmas is a time for celebration, you can get as a creative as you want with the festivities – for instance, if your backyard has a heated pool, make sure that it is included as part of the fun and games. And of course, do not forget to put up a decorated Christmas tree – if the trees in your yard have already shed their leaves, you could go for an artificial tree as well (check out these Balsam Hill reviews if you’re interested).

Now you know that there is a lot that can be done with your backyard that doesn’t involve gardening – the events that I’ve listed above are but a few of the ones you can hold: others could be Halloween parties, Bar Mitzvahs, memorial services – it all depends on the space you have and the amount of work you’re willing to put in.

A parting advice: before you host an event in your yard, make sure that you’re not violating any local regulations on the property.

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