Fun Beach Day Games to Play with Toddlers

The summer brings warm days and planned vacations full of fun. Be sure to mark your calendars with a trip to the beach this summer, you won’t want to miss out on the nice weather and tons of laughter and fun you and your family will have. There are definitely a lot of activities and enjoyment you can get out of a trip to the beach for the day with your toddlers!

Check out these refreshing ways to enjoy the summer heat and shore without taking the entire toy closet with you.

1. Abstract Castle

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It’s time to make a change on the traditional castles to build an abstract beach structure. Fill up a bucket with half sand and half water, pour wet sand through a plastic funnel to build your structure. If you don’t have a funnel you can cut out the bottom of an empty two-liter bottle to make your own.

2. Dunk and Dip

Get all of that energy out with a beach day relay. Have the participants fill up cups with water then run to empty them in a nearby bucket. The first team or person to fill up the bucket wins!

3. Make Some Art

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There are –plenty of shells and driftwood waiting to be discovered along the beach. Take your little ones on a hunt for shells and driftwood. Once you have gathered what you want, arrange the beach items to create fun pictures.


4. Aim and Toss

Play a fun game by tossing stones into targeted areas on the sand. Draw circles in the sand with a number in each one. Have the kids toss the stones into the circles and count up the points if they make it into the targeted circle.

5. Go Bowling on the Beach

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Dig up 6 holes in the sand in a pyramid configuration just like at a bowling alley. Give the children some tennis balls to roll into the 6 holes. Rack up the points to see how many they can get into the holes each time they take turns going.

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