Expert Tips for Successful, Stress-Free Party Planning

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In a recent article on HGTV’s website, party and event planning blogger Camille Styles listed her top 10 tips for a stress-free party planning experience. Perhaps the most important piece of advice she gives is to stay organized and keep your plan simple. She recommends having several master lists to refer back to and ensure you don’t forget anything, including shopping lists and guests lists. Party planning, and the party itself, should be fun, Styles says, so you shouldn’t let things get too complicated or stressful.

She also recommends that the host decide upon a theme. Setting a theme, Styles explains, can help set the desired tone for the party, and you can add to the fun by including themed games, food or drinks. Speaking of drinks, another expert tip that Styles offers is to offer a self-serve bar at your next party. This allows guests to mix the drink they want without the risk of a bartender mixing up orders, and it also means you won’t have to pay for a bartender in the first place.

For invitations, Styles suggests that hosts send out mailed invitations if possible. Online invitations are fine for last-second events, but if you have the time, she says, mailed invitations feel more elegant and more personal. Finally and most importantly, Styles reminds party hosts to give themselves an hour or so before the party to relax and make sure everything is in order. The host sets the mood for the party, so if they seem flustered or stressed, their guests will notice.

If you’re planning on throwing a party in the near future but lack hosting experience, another option is to hire professional event planners such like 23 Layers, which is based in New York City. If you need an event planning company in NYC, 23 Layers’ creative and energetic staff can help you dazzle your guests. They also have experience as corporate event planners if you need help planning a company get-together.

23 Layers has working relationships with many of the most desired venues and vendors in the NYC area, so they can help with every aspect of the planning process from location to food and beverages. So whether the next event you host is a birthday party, wedding reception or gala, you can rely on the experience and connections of 23 Layers.

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