7 Things to Teach Kids About America

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In celebration of the 4th of July, it’s a great time to set down with your children and explain to them what makes our country so special.

1. American Flag

With the celebration of our country’s birth, you are more than likely to see the American flag. This is a great opportunity to explain to your children what the American flag means. Tell your children that it stands for our whole country. It is one way we tell the world who we are as a group of people, that we are connected to each other as Americans. We treat it with respect.

You can explain to your child about the different symbols the flag stands for. The 50 stars represent our 50 states. The 13 strips stand for the original 13 colonies who decided they wanted to govern themselves than be ruled by a king.

2. Our Pledge

Tell your child that the pledge is a simple promise. It is a promise that we are giving our word and allegiance to our country.

3. National Anthem

Your child has likely heard the song of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” If your child has not heard this song, you can play it for them. Explain to your children it is our country’s song and we sing it to show that we are proud to be Americans. To show our respect for our country, explain to them that we stand while singing it usually.

4. Independence Day

Explain to them that the 4th of July is the birthday of our country.

Our Rights

What makes our country special is that we are given specific rights as citizens. Explain to your child the rights we have, such as the freedom of free speech or speaking openly to our leaders. You can even help demonstrate your child knowing their rights by showing them with a few examples. Ask your child what rights are important to them. You might even explain to them that other countries might not have the same rights as Americans do.

5. Our Responsibilities to Our Country

Explain to your child that American is like a family. We all need to pitch in and be a member of our country. It’s important we go to school, vote, obey the law, and pay our taxes. Talk to your child about how helping others and keeping your community clean and safe is part of our responsibilities as citizens. You can demonstrate this by volunteering once a week or month within your local area.

6. American Presidents

Talk to your child about being President. You can explain to them that this isn’t the same as being a king or queen who rules forever. Instead, tell them that every four years we pick a new leader by voting. You can also tell them that some other countries aren’t able to vote for who is the next leader and that they don’t always leave their position unless they are forced to leave. You can explain to the older children about democracy.

7. Communities and People

American we share a common idea rather than a common culture or ethnicity. The common idea our communities and people share is that we should have certain freedoms. This freedom of promise has inspired many people to come to our country and become American citizens.

You can ask your child what they know about your family and their journey to America. Talk to your child that we might come from all different parts of the world, but we share a common interest and are all Americans.

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