6 Important Summer Safety Tips for Your Baby

The warmer weather brings us to being more outside. Summertime offers a lot of fun adventures for both you and your family. However, there are some important things to keep in mind for your family.

The summer months can give your young children a number of chances to hurt themselves. There are a lot of fun things for the young children explore, especially your baby who is curious of the world. Summertime brings outdoor playtime at the pool, playground and more.

It’s important to know how to keep your baby protected at all times during the summer. Check out how you can below!

1. Cover Up

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The summer heat can be very damaging, even for the fragile skin babies have. It’s important to keep them covered up with clothing, such as dressing them in long sleeves and a hot to protect them from the sun. If you are going to be outside make sure you have a sun shade, stroller, or tree. It’s also recommended to stay inside when the sun rays are the strongest (between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.).

However, if you are going to be outside then don’t skip the sunscreen (unless your child is covered up properly). Be sure to use SPF that is 30 or higher. Sunscreens that contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide should be used. These two ingredients are generally safe for babies because they are a physical block to the sun, which also means your baby doesn’t absorb them. If you have questions about which brands to use for your infant speak to your health care provider.

2. Fight Against the Germs

There are plenty of germs when you go out and about with your baby. These can be all over the place, from the pool to the playground to the shopping mall. Autumn isn’t the only season that holds illnesses, the summer does too! To protect your little one, make sure you wash their hands and your own after your adventures. This means after playdates, errands, before meals, after swimming and more.

3. Check Your Baby’s Eyes

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Your baby’s eyes are very fragile and sometimes a grain of sand or dirt might get into your child’s eyes. a grain of sand can cause a painful scratch. If your child eyes get a small particle of sand or dirt within them, gently pour water from a bottle into one side of the eye. This is so the water washes across and drains out the other side of the eye. You can use tap water. However, if the pain continues with your child after washing it’s best to call your health care provider and schedule an appointment if needed.

4. Keep Your Eye on Your Baby

Pools during the summertime can be fun, but also dangerous. Portable pools are equally dangerous as regular pools. It’s important to keep your eye on your baby and remove any distractions. Make sure you aren’t on your phone—no calls, no texts, no social media.

It’s important you are close enough to your child that you can easily grab them if something does happen. Be sure you make this guideline clear to all other people who might watch your child for you, such as family members and babysitters. If you are normally busy during the day, you can decide between nanny vs au pair vs babysitter to see which one is the best option to have someone take care of your baby.

5. Never Leave Your Baby in the Car


No matter what, you should never leave your baby in the car. Not even for a moment! Mild weather might seem okay because the temperature is not hot outside, but within the car it can become dangerous within minutes.

Sometimes there will be those moments you might forget your baby in the car. Often this happens when parents are sleep-deprived or their day-to-day routine might be off. In order to help remind you that you are driving with your baby, always leave an item in the backseat next to them. This will require you to remember to look back and get what you need, but also reminding you that you are the parent with your child today. Items you can leave next to your little one is your wallet, phone, purse, work files, and whatever else you can think of.

6. Get Sturdy Shoes

If your baby, especially toddlers, are already walking and running around, it’s important that you get them sturdy shoes. Their shoes should protect them from possibly stepping on painful objects like glass or shape rocks. If you don’t have a pair of sturdy shoes take your toddler or baby to be sized. Sandals during the summertime are fine but make sure they are closed-toe and closed-back. Sandals should also have a bottom tread.

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