Keep Your Porch Looking Brand New

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The front porch has always had multiple usages and purposes. It can be an outdoor living room, a place to socialize with family and friends, drink a glass of iced tea, and enjoy a nice hot summer day. However, porches require maintenance. It often requires even more work than indoor spaces. Neglecting the maintenance and cleaning your porches can quickly build up dirt and debris.

Check out these tips to keep your porch looking brand new!

Get a routine down

Every week make sure you sweep the floors of your porch with an outdoor push broom. Be sure to use a counter brush to dust off some areas of the front porch. The areas of the front porch you want to dust are the windowsills, door frames. If your front porch has a ceiling-fan be sure to dust the blades of the ceiling-fan.

Every month you will want to wash the light fixtures. Washing the light fixtures can collect dirt and debris due to the insects that tend to get collected in them. Remove the light covers to clean them. Rinse and dry the light covers thoroughly before replacing them.

Seasonal maintenance you will want to do

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Keeping up to date on cleaning your porch seasonal will ensure your porch keeps in well condition.

Sweep away the cobwebs and debris from the walls and ceilings. A corn broom works very well for this. You can then wash down the walls with an all-purpose solution cleaner and water by using a larger sponge.

After sweeping the floors with an outdoor push broom, brush the extra grim away with a long-handled deck brush and an all-purpose solution cleaner with hot water. If there is mildew on the floor you can scrub it will 1-part oxygen bleach to 3 parts water using a deck brush. Be sure to wear gloves and googles.

Next clean the porch screens with warm water and all-purpose cleaner solution using a scrub or utility brush. You can wash the mesh and frame with this. Use a garden house to rinse the screens and let them air dry. You can use a hand-held vacuum to brush away dust and dirt.

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