How to Ease Pain and Relax Using the Best Back Massagers

Upper and lower back pains are common among most – or even all moms. When you have a baby, pain is just a bonus aside from fatigue, continuous responsibilities and lack of quality sleep. Back pain can lead to lifetime conditions which might alter even your lifestyle as a mom. If you spend a lot of time with your children, back massagers are useful thanks to their immediate effects, but if you want to learn how to give great back massages then consider taking a look at the massage therapy school.

Having to choose between so many back massagers when you don’t know exactly how to handle the pain. There are mainstream and specialized brands that sell enough models to fit your needs and activities. Back massagers have developed so much that now they simulate traditional massage techniques or integrate them into their mechanisms.

Choosing a back massager depends on so many aspects. There are brand reputation, product quality, resistance, a convenient price and much more. As a mom who doesn’t have enough time to research thoroughly before a purchase, you might turn to product reviews. They usually comprise the essential information you need about your next back massager – resistance, durability and personal user experience. According to Today Best Reviews, product charts available here can help you discover new options or products which work even better than the ones you were planning to purchase.

Here is a list of the best back massagers you can find online grouped by category and how you can use them.

Pillow Massager

Pillow massagers are small enough to fit into your travel luggage or even a large purse. Massage pillows are versatile, as they can be used in the car, on the sofa or if you spend a few hours working from home. Pillows are compact to be able to cover hard to reach areas. They work as a regular pillow that you can place on your lower back while sitting or on the neck when you lie in the bed. They also change directions to prevent you from moving.

According to the above source, the best back massager is a pillow. The Zyllion ZMA13BK Shiatsu model works with heating and automatically shuts down after 20 minutes – in case you’re tired and fall asleep. Pillows are fit to both upper and lower back pains.

Cushion Massager

The cushion can help active moms have a healthy work – life balance. This massager is literally a cushion that works on your neck, shoulders, upper back and lower back. It works for soothing tight muscles, relaxation and pain release.

The cushion comes with motors that touch most of your muscles and sensitive back areas. The Five Star FS8812 10-motor vibration massage seat cushion also works your thighs. The product stands out because you can use it while you’re in the car waiting or while you stay on the couch.

Cane Massager

Cane massagers require a bit of effort as you need to hold them in your hand. Yet, the cane stands out because it allows you to only focus on the massage while refraining for other activities. These products are silent, so you can freely use them while the baby is asleep.

Cane-shaped massagers are popular thanks to the position of their six treatment balls as you can lead them to your desired areas and muscles. Such systems oxygenate blood and almost work as exercise. One of the best products of its kind is the Body Back Buddy Original trigger point therapy self-massage tool.

Belt Massager

Belt massagers are delightful as they feel almost as if you are holding a warm and comfortable pillow – they technically hug you. Belts work best on your upper back, neck and shoulders and are usually 100% portable. You can use them to relieve pain, calm sore muscles or just relax after a long and exhausting day.

The LiBa Cordless Shiatsu neck and back massager is cordless and comes with batteries which last for up to a two-hour massage. It may take around 15 minutes to heat up, but then it focuses its four kneading nodes on all areas you target.

Stick Massager

The stick massager is usually developed to be versatile. Sticks have replaceable heads that can adjust to your back, hands, necks and even face. Such sets may require some time and effort for the massage. However, they are relaxing and can provide full body relief from pressure.

A popular product is the Naipo handheld percussion massager that comes with six replaceable nodes, adjustable speed and an intense motor which operates 3,800 times per minute.

What Else Can I Do to Relax My Muscles and Body?

According to a study, children are influenced by mothers’ experiences of pain. They react towards painful situations based on the experiences their mothers encounter. There are additional ways to prevent pain and, therefore, influence your child to the minimum.

Aside from massage you can also:

  • Exercise at home.
  • Breastfeed while sitting on a chair with back support.
  • Keep your back straight while lifting the child from the crib. Bend your knees for increased comfort.
  • Use a high chair for when the baby east.
  • Avoid bending over to lift the baby. Choose squatting down and exercise your body.
  • Set an hour per week for your massage.
  • Buckle the child on the car seat while sitting down in the car and rotate your entire torso to place the child.
  • Use a squatting position to get your child out of the stroller and stand tall when you push it.
  • See a doctor if you experience postpartum pains.

Wrapping Up

Having a child comes with joy, happiness and fulfillment. However, you may also experience neck and back pain due to the postpartum experience or just because of fatigue. Don’t ignore the pain and sore muscles. Remember that you need to protect your own health to be able to also protect your baby.

Find and use the best back massagers as often as possible to spare yourself from back pain and changing moods!

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