Dealing with Painful Migraines as a Parent

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Parenting gets tough when migraines strike, there’s no denying that. They are an added headache that make the simplest of tasks so much harder, and they can appear whenever and wherever they please. You could be out shopping with the kids, them pulling everything they see off the shelves, and then that dreaded pain hits. You could be in the midst of contending with a temper tantrum at bedtime, and then, out of nowhere, the migraine strikes.

You could be doing anything at all, and a migraine could render you useless, but now it’s time to strike back. Now it’s time to start dealing with your migraines, even as a busy parent. Read on to find out how.

Outsmart your migraines

First of all, you need to outsmart the onslaught of migraine pain that you feel by dealing with it before it appears, not during. To do this, you’re going to have to pinpoint what you know, from past experiences of what may have triggered your migraines. Common triggers could be anything from cheese to red wine, to certain types of weather to certain scents to irregular eating and sleeping habits, but a trigger could be almost anything at all. It’s up to you to find out what triggers your migraines, and it’s then up to you to avoid it at all costs. This could even mean adjusting your lifestyle. For instance, if you could enjoy a nice glass of red wine when you were younger, but can’t now without having a migraine for two days after, put the bottle down. All is not lost, though, because you could always switch to white!

Remember, it’s okay to take time for yourself

As a parent, especially as a newer one, it’s easy to feel guilty about taking time for yourself. It’s natural to feel like you don’t have a right to any free time of your own, but when migraines come knocking, this kind of thinking has to get going. Soldiering on, whether you’re busy or not, will do nobody any favors. The tasks you have to do won’t get done, your kids will think you’re being cranky, and you might end up causing yourself some very serious health problems. So, don’t be afraid to sneak off to bed for an hour or two, or even for the rest of the day, when a migraine strikes. Your significant other will be able to feed the kids, bathe them and get them to bed in your absence, won’t they?

Don’t be headstrong, ask for help

Your migraine might be your pain, but that doesn’t mean you need suffer with it alone. So, don’t be headstrong, share the burden and ask for help! If this means telling your significant other to do the dishes so that you can have a lie-down, tell them. If this means getting the guys over at Reset IV to administer you with a vitamin-infused IV to ease your worst pains, head over to for more information. If this means asking a friend to drop around some other form of proven, over-the-counter pain management medication, ask them. There’s no need to suffer alone.

Painful migraines are a pain for everybody, especially busy parents, but you can beat them. In fact, you should beat them. Migraines should not stop you from being the best parent that you can be or from enjoying your life. To stop them, make sure to remember the advice above

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