5 Best Places to Order Cake Pops for Your Kid’s Birthday

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A kid’s birthday can be a hard thing to plan. They tend to change their minds very fast. Therefore you should establish a theme for the party a few days ahead, so you can have everything prepared a day early. Also, you should make sure which people are coming and select the menu. After you did all of that, the cake is the final piece.

Since kids tend to make a mess when they eat cake, you should consider a more appropriate and more fun thing instead of the usual cake. You can try out cake pops because they are easier to eat without making a mess. Also, they look much more fun and appealing. They come in different flavors and design, so you can pick the ones you like. In this article we are going to show you the best places to order cake pops.

1.    Starbucks Cake Pops

Starbucks is mainly known for the great variety of teas and coffee flavors. Like many other coffee shops, Starbucks is also known for their baked goods like cookies and cake pops. Before deciding if this is the best store to order baked good, you should check their price. Read this to learn more about Starbucks cake pops prices and delivery options. When it comes to the flavors, you have a lot to choose from.

They also have different designs including the mummy cake pop. If you purchase these for a birthday party, you should consider getting different flavors for everybody to enjoy their cake pop. You can choose from vanilla, tiramisu, chocolate cake, and strawberry.

2.    Candy’s Cake Pops

This is another great place where you can find cake pops for a birthday party. Here you can also find regular cakes if you want to get a big cake and a few matching cake pops. The variety here is even bigger but the prices might be a bit higher. You can pick from Oreo cake pops, lime, chocolate, and red velvet. There are also some gluten free options.

3.     Shari’s Berries

Another great place from which you can order a cake pop is Shari’s Berries. Here you can also find a variety of cake pops. Most of them come in bouquets so if you want to order a piece or two from every flavor you might want to pick a different bakery. Most of the designs for the cake pops are handmade and they look amazing.

Here you can also choose from chocolate, vanilla, classic cake pops or truffles. You just have to select the best bouquet for the occasion. The bouquets contain 6 to 12 cake pops. Here you can find dipped cherries or strawberries which are a healthier choice.

4.    Baked by Yael

One great online shop for people who live in DC is Baked by Yael. Here you can find lunch food and cake pops. You can choose from their flavors and designs like the Panda pop. Also, you can contact them if you want a custom order. These cake pops can be purchased by piece or by bouquet of 12 pieces. When you purchase the cake pops by piece it might be a bit more expensive, but you can choose 2 from every flavor.

They bouquets usually contain assorted flavors and colors to match everybody’s style. Just pick the right bouquet or more cake pops for the birthday party and every guest will enjoy these great sweet treats. On their website they mention that the delivery is made in about 2 days so order ahead.

5.    ProFlowers

Even though this online store specializes in flowers, they also have a big variety of cake pops. If you are interested, you can also purchase a usual cake. For the cake you can choose from red velvet, vanilla, chocolate, and tiramisu flavor. When it comes to the cake pops, you can choose a bouquet of 6 to 12 cake pops. Some of the bouquets contain different types of cake pops.

All the designs are handmade and the cutest one is the Handmade Zoo Animals design. Their cake pops come dressed as tigers and elephants. This is a great design for a kid’s party. Remember that every design has a different flavor.

These are just some of best places from which you can order cake pops for the birthday party of your kid. Remember that you can choose from different flavors and some of these places offer gluten-free selections. Just pick the best cake pops or bouquets and let the party start.

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