Preparing for Your First Vacation with a Baby

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Traveling the world doesn’t need to come to an end now you’re a parent. Nowadays it’s possible to take a trip at home or overseas with a newborn, all it takes is careful planning and finding family-friendly alternatives. Here are some helpful tips for preparing for your first vacation with a baby.

Pick the Right Destination

Every parent must pick a destination that is suitable for their baby’s health and needs. For instance, heading off on an African safari probably isn’t the best option for a newborn, but a relaxing break at a family-friendly resort with a mild climate could be ideal for both you and your young son or daughter.

Find the Right Destinations

You’ll want to find a home away from home, so that you can care for your child when on vacation. With a newborn, you might need a refrigerator for breast milk, a crib, or a washer/dryer to clean their clothing. Discover the best rental properties for your young family with the help of VacationRenter.

Arrange Your Family Passports

Although your baby has only recently arrived in the world, he or she will need a passport. You must, therefore, apply for passports for every member of your family months before you fly. Not doing so can cause stressful and costly problems.

Receive the Appropriate Immunizations

Nothing will be more important to you than your baby’s health, which is why you should visit a physician to ensure your baby is receiving the correct vaccines, as different destinations will have various health risks and requirements.

Book a Flight During Your Baby’s Naptime

Flying with a newborn isn’t often easy. If you want to eliminate stress and ensure your baby has a pleasant journey, you should book a flight that coincides with your baby’s naptime. This means he or she will sleep during travel, which can create a more enjoyable journey for everyone, including Mom and Dad.

Fly During Off-Peak Times

Do you want to have more freedom to move both in the airport and on a plane? Travel to a destination during off-peak times. It can simplify the check-in and security screening experience as it will be less crowded and allow you to make your way to the gate with ease. You also won’t have a crowd waiting impatiently in the plane aisle, as you attempt to grab a bottle or pacifier out of your carry-on.

Minimize Ear Pressure

Unfortunately, baby’s ears are quite delicate, so air pressure can ultimately cause them much discomfort, leading to tears during a flight. To prevent them from experiencing ear pain, offer your baby a bottle, sippy cup or pacifier during takeoff and landing. Such items could also help ease your baby into a relaxing sleep.

Pack Plenty of Toys

Always take plenty of toys with you on vacation, which can entertain your child on a flight, at a hotel, or during a lengthy airport transfer. They can distract your baby during a tantrum, and keep your son or daughter entertained to prevent boredom.

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