Get Your Car Looking Like New With These Cleaning Tips

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The car functions as multiple things for many families. Depending on the day it can be a playground, dinner club, mobile office, and even a makeup studio. When the warmer weather comes out, you might get the urge to tidy up your car as much as you do in your home.

Take advantage of the weather and follows these tips for deep cleaning the interior of your vehicle.

Remove the debris

Take all the items out of the car. This includes water bottles, toys, paper, and other small objects. Be sure to reach deep under the sweats and get everything out before you go get the vacuum and have a go at it.

Be prepared to find some yucky things. You might find a few leftover fries from months ago!

Clean off the dirt

Now that you have gotten rid of all the debris, it’s time to wipe down the interior. If you have leather seats and steering wheels, make sure you use something that is designed for leather. You could even use baby wipes for a cheap go-to alternative. Be sure to spot test first!

Vinyl seats and trim can be cleaned with microfiber cloths and soapy water. The microfiber cloth should be clean when using. Rinse it in clean water to wipe up the soap.

Then use a disinfecting wipe to clean the dashboard. This will kill the germs and also remove the dirt.

Wipe the windshield

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Cover the dashboard with rags or towels. This will help keep the dashboard clean when the cleaner drips. You want to use a glass cleaner that is made for cars.

Spray the cleaner on the windshield and use a micro fiber cloth to wipe. Use a second micro fiber cloth to polish the windshield. Repeat the process if there are streaks still. If you have a cracked or leaky windshield make sure you get a windshield replacement.

Get those tricky areas

There are several areas in your car that can be tricky to clean. Here’s how you can tackle them.

Cup holders

Cup holders can get messy quick. To avoid cleaning up cup holders consider putting a silicone baking cup in the cup holders. When they get dirty just pull them out to clean and swap for a fresh one.

Seat belts

Be careful when cleaning seatbelts as you don’t have to get them soapy and wet. It can damage the way the seatbelt can work. Try your best to remove spills when they happen, but don’t use too much force when you try to clean older stains.

Change the air filters

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If an odor still persists after you have deep cleaned your vehicle, it might be time to change your air filters. Air filters that are dirty will make the whole care smell unpleasant when the air vent is on. Ideally you should take your car in and have your air filtered changed every 12,000 to 15,000 miles.

Keep organized

After giving your vehicle a deep clean, it’s time to invest in keeping it organized. You can use just about anything to organize your car, but I personally like to use a bag to keep the necessary items I need. I also like to had some handy wet wipes in the glove box if I need to do a quick wipe down or clean up a mess. Also be sure to store some zipper storage bags. These are great for half-eaten snacks, kids’ activities, or even if your child gets carsick.

Schedule cleanings

Keep your car in good condition after a deep cleaning by scheduling regularly clean ups. Once a month thorough clean ups will help ensure your vehicle stays in good condition. You may need to clean it twice if you carpool or have sport games.

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