Denim Care Tips to Keep Your Pair of Jeans in Good Condition

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We often find ourselves in fitting rooms hunting for the perfect pair of jeans. Looking for the perfect cost of premium denim jeans and their fit is essential important since we live in our jeans. When finding and purchasing the perfect jeans, it’s important to keep them them in their best condition and maintain their life.

Take a look at these easy steps to keep your denim jeans good condition and almost perfect as it was on day one!

How often should you wash them?

Denim is a fabric that doesn’t need washing after every way. One of the ways to avoid fading denim blue is not washing your jeans. However, this all depends on your comfort level and the style of denim your jeans are. If the jeans are a good grade of stretch with Lycra recovery that will keep its shape then you can wash it after 3-5 wears. For more rigid jeans, such as 100% cotton and have no Lycra then it can go much longer without a wash. Usually 8-10 wears is enough.

Hand wash or machine wash?

Hand washing your jeans can be serious work, especially wringing them out when they become almost 20 pounds when wet. A more practical way that still carefully cares for your jeans is turning them inside out, use cold water, and set your washing machine on a delicate cycle. This will preserve the color and be easy on the clothing material when washing.

Use the right detergent

The type of detergent you use is absolutely important. It can strip the colors of your jeans if you use a harder detergent. Make sure you use a mild soap to help preserve the blue color of your denim jeans. You can even use a more natural alternative by soaking your jeans in a cold water bath and add 1 cup of distilled vinegar, or add the 1 cup of vinegar to your cold-water cycle.

Don’t worry, the vinegar smell with disappear with wear!

Is putting your jeans in the dryer a good idea?

A dryer can ruin the denim’s Lycra, indigo, and fibers. It’s best to hang up your jeans and have them air dry.

Shrink your jeans

A dryer usually helps to shrink our jeans back into the shape we love them to be, especially if they are bagging in certain areas after a few wears. If your jeans need some reshaping consider turning them inside out and toss them into the dryer. Put them on a low setting for 10 minutes. Hang dry them after being in the dryer.

You can also hang them in your bathroom while you shower. The steam will help get rid of the wrinkles and reshape them to your liking.

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