4 Tips for Planning a Successful School Event

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Are you in charge of planning your school’s next event? Whether it’s a concert, graduation or formal, you’ll want to make sure the occasion runs smoothly and represents your education establishment well.

Managing large events can be tough, especially when there are children or young people involved. However, with some prior planning and a little know-how, the occasion will be remembered for all the right reasons. So, whether you’re a parent, teacher or member of the PTA, here are four top tips to help you plan the ultimate school event.

Create a Checklist

Before you do anything else, you should prepare a checklist to set your plans in motion. You’ll need to consider catering requirements, seating plans, venue capacity and timing, as well as decorations, music, and lighting if appropriate. You may also need to hire contractors, such as photographers or videographers, to memorialize the occasion. Work out exactly what needs doing by picturing yourself at the event, or look back at photos of similar events held at the school. What do you see that you’ll need at your venue? What’s missing? Create a list of bullet points and don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to others.

Provide Giveaways

Giveaways or party favors help attendees to remember the event in a positive light. T-shirts, backpacks or stationery with the school’s logo can be particularly special for graduations or school leavers’ parties, and they double-up as advertisements for the school. Using a reputable website like Discount Mugs, you can choose from a personalized drawstring backpack, custom drawstring bags, cheap drawstring bags, drawstring bags in bulk and other custom drawstring bags online, and it’s easy to upload your logo. Designs can then be printed, laser engraved or embroidered, so students will always remember their time at the school.

Create Seating Charts

Large-scale seated events can be tricky to organize, even for the most experienced events planner. Coordinating tickets, booking and seating arrangements for families can be overwhelming, but the last thing you want is confusion over payments on the night or loved ones not being able to sit together. One solution is to move your seating plan online and use a tablet or electronic system on the night. Bear in mind that free events might have a higher no-show rate, so you might have more space than you initially bargained for.  

Relax on Table Seating

While table plans for events with parents and children can be difficult, dinner events entirely for students can be a different challenging altogether. Not only do you have to allocate seats, but you also need to think about dietary requirements, allergies, and supervision. Friendships are important to children of any age, particularly those in high school. Therefore, an easy solution to this dilemma is to send around a seating plan before the event and allow students to select their seats. Alternatively, you can let each student pick two friends he or she would like to sit with and plan accordingly.

Planning a school event is hard work, but there is plenty you can do to make it easy on yourself. Follow these tips, and the occasion will create lasting memories while portraying your school in the best possible light.

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