15 Juicy Burgers to Celebrate Hamburger Day

There isn’t anything in the world that is quite so delightful when you bite into a rich, juicy hamburger. Hamburgers aren’t only delicious, they are also great by bringing families together at gathering, a surprise reward from your boss, a quick bite to eat on your lunch break or the first date.

May 28th marks Hamburger Day. You can easily celebrate this day by heading out to your local restaurant, fast food joint, or grill your very own burger at home!

Check out these different hamburgers you can have to enjoy a great day of celebration with a juicy bite.

Jameson Whiskey Blue Cheese Burger with Guinness Cheese Sauce + Crispy Onions recipe from Half Baked Harvest

This burger means serious business.

Cheesy Party Burgers recipe from Kevin & Amanda

Made with soft rolls that give extra buttery goodness!

Greek Turkey Burgers with Spinach, Feta, & Tzatziki recipe from Eating Well

Add a refreshing twist.

Best BLT Burger recipe from Delish

Pile on some delicious, crispy bacon!

Sweet and Smoky Bacon Brat Burger recipe from Melanie Makes

Sweet and smoky, just the way your taste buds would like it.

The Ultimate Veggie Burger recipe from The Awesome Green

This burger is not bland at all!

Swiss Pan Burgers with Rosemary-Mushroom Pan Sauce recipe from Iowa Girl Eats

You can get a great meal like this in 20 minutes.

Korean BBQ Burger recipe from The Cozy Apron

We are welcoming this burger with open mouths!

The Ultimate Breakfast Burger recipe from The Spruce Eats

Start your day off on the right start.

Blue Cheese Burgers with Caramelized Onions and Crispy Rosemary recipe from Delish

Perhaps too perfect to eat.

The Best Salmon Burger recipe from Serious Eats

Each bite will be tender, plenty of juiciness, and delicious seasoning.

Extra-Juicy Turkey Burgers recipe from Bon Appetit

Two words: Easy and delicious!

LT Guacamole Burger recipe from Food Network

Guac is definitely a game changer.

Turkey Bruschetta Burgers recipe from Recipe Runner

Bread can just do the trick too!

Spicy Cauliflower Burger recipe from Pinch of Yum

Is this really a burger? YES IT IS!

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