10 Unique Date Night Ideas for Couples

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After you have been together with your significant other for a while, you two might find yourselves doing the same date nights over and over again. Falling into a routine with the same date nights can sometimes remove the spark date nights are meant to bring. If you are not feeling the spark anymore, you are ready for some fresh date ideas to spice up your time together.

These 10 unique date night ideas will help remove you from the same-date night rut.

1. Read together

Pick up a book you two might like. Cuddle up in bed or on your couch at home. Read together and then talk about the storyline and plot twists.

2. Make s’mores indoor

Grab a couple blankets and wrap up together as you bring the outdoor experience inside your own home. Roast marshmallows over a stove topic, over a fireplace or in the oven. Don’t forget to cuddle!

Try these fun s’more recipes out:

3. Visit a you pick farm

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When harvesting is in season, visit a you pick farm. The fruit is typically a little pricier than what you might find in a grocery store, but it is definitely worth the fun to get fresh, juicy fruits. You can use the fruit to make just about any delicious meal at home or just eat for a snack after you pick them together!

4. Get a couple massage

A relaxing massage or spa day is something you two might need. It can be something fun for the two of you to do on your anniversary or to celebrate a special occasion. Then again, you can just go away to get some time to relax together!

5. Try a new meal

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Whip up a meal you two have never tried before. You can make it a romantic night by having a candlelight dinner and enjoy an evening together with just the two of you.

6. Explore the city

If you live near cities you have never visited before, make a day trip or stay for the weekend. It makes a fun change of pace for the normal date nights. You two can be adventurous and learn more about the local sights near you.

7. Get a good laugh

For a night of entertainment, go to a improv or stand-up comedy show. You two will experience a night of fun and laughter.

8. Take a class together

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There is a lot of things you two can learn together still no matter how long you’ve been together. Try a cooking class, painting class, or swimming class together. It might be a little bit pricey but it’s a fun way to make memories as you learn something along the way!

9. Movie night

Spend a night at your local drive-in movie theatre. Be sure to pack some blankets and snacks in your car. You can hit a local restaurant before you go or maybe pack your own dinner before the movie starts.

10. Win the race together

Sign up for a race in your area. A fun race such as color runs, nighttime runs, or zombie runs can be a fun twist on your date. Whether you walk the race or come to win, you two will have fun and encourage each other as you go.

Hopefully these date night ideas will take you out of the same routine of date nights. Take turns on planning new dates to add a variety of different fun nights for you two. This will help add excitement to your relationship. No matter what you two decide to do together, you both will enjoy it as long as you are together!

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