Three’s Anxiety: Looking After Your Parents, Children, And Yourself

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It can feel like a double duty, but it’s something that you are adamant you are going to do properly. Being a parent, when you have ill parents yourself, can feel overwhelming to say the least. It certainly a shock to the system when you have young children yourself, but now you are faced with this task of looking after your parents, either due to illness or old age. So, what do you need to do in yourself to make sure that, not only your parents are looked after properly, as well as your children, but that you are looking after yourself too?

Meticulous Planning Helps…

Scheduling everything will make life easier, because if you’ve got a job and children, but also you intend to look after your parents concurrently, planning everything gives you a sense of structure. Of course, it’s not going to be that straightforward.

… But You Need To Be Prepared For Curveballs

Life will throw problems that you need to deal with, and having everything jotted down in a calendar isn’t going to solve it. If you have parents who are far away from home, and you are doing your utmost to make sure that they are cared for, the amount of commuting can cause problems. In this respect, long distance caregiving might be the solution, but also, making sure that you are sharing the duties with other family members. It’s important that you don’t take on the entire task yourself, because this is a sure-fire way to to deplete your energy stores.

Make Sure You Have Enough Energy…

You might think that having a diet that consists of leaves and fruit may give you enough energy, but in the making sure that you are adequately fueled for the tasks ahead, it’s important to make sure that you eat the things that are going to benefit you. Because you’re going to be splitting your life into three separate compartments, by having energy to cope with all of them it becomes essential to have three square meals a day, and aren’t depriving yourself of what your body really needs.

… But That You Aren’t Drained Emotionally

Physical energy is one thing, mental energy is another. In making sure that you have the ability to cope with all of this, it’s important that you replenish your mental stores. It can feel like there is no let up, and this can easily spiral into negative thoughts, which can lead to anxiety or depression. Feeling emotionally drained is worse than being physically exhausted. It’s important to look after yourself emotionally, and only you know what will benefit you the most. You might need to have a break, or you might need to share the problems with someone, but whatever the solution is for you, making sure that you have your own respite from the situation, will give you the goods you need to tackle the issues.

Sometimes it’s having a break, and sometimes it’s making sure you have enough energy in your body. But whatever it is, in taking on the tasks that are, in essence, the equivalent to three full time jobs, it is vital you care for yourself.

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