Secret Features on Your iPhone That’s Handy

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Smart phones are one of the best innovations of our time. There are many features we use that help us keep up to date with the world, keep us scheduled, and more. iPhone is a popular smartphone choice for many people. The latest operating system, IOS 11, offers many handy features. Some of these features are even hidden.

Check out these secret features if you own an iPhone that are quite handy!

Turn off notifications while you’re driving

We are all aware that texting and driving can be dangerous. It’s hard to resist the notifications of social media and text messages from family and friends. The iPhone knows when you are driving and can temporarily disable notifications.

Turn this feature on by going into the Settings, then click on Do Not Disturb, then click on Do Not Disturb While Driving. You can also turn on automatic responses to text messages in these settings too.

Emergency situation

The iPhone has an Emergency SOS feature that may be able to help save lives.

Click the power button five times in a row. This will bring up a secret menu. In the menu you can drag the SOS to automatically call emergency services. Your phone sends out a location to the first responders at the end of the call unless you choose “cancel”.

You can also add health information that will show up. Go to the iPhone’s Health app and fill out this information. The information contains medical contacts, medications, blood type, and more.

Invert some colors

You can easily switch to the dark side by going into the Settings. Click General, then Accessibility, then Display Accommodations, then Invert Colors. Switch on Smart Invert. The iPhone will then switch over to a “dark mode” instead of the appealing clean white interface.

Pictures and videos will not be affected by this feature.

Keep it on lock down

You can change over to a six-digit passcode. It is highly recommended to use instead of the old four-digit passcode to increase the security on your iPhone. You can even switch over to alphanumeric with a combo of letters and numbers.

Clean up your apps

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There are a couple apps I don’t even touch on my phone. I have never even looked or open the Stocks app. You can now delete them in the IOS 11 operating system. It might not save you a lot of storage but it will declutter your phone. You can reinstall these apps in the Apple App Store.

Need even more space? Go to your Settings, then general, then iPhone Storage, then Offload Unused Apps. This will get rid of apps you might not have touched in years. You can turn off this feature in Settings, then click on iTunes & App Store.

Make texting more efficient

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Switch “Read” receipts on or off on a person by person basis. You can let all of your friends know you read their message or choose only some people to see you read the message.

Turn this feature on by clicking the “i” in the upper-right corner of any text thread. Select “Send Read Receipts”. You can turn it on or off.

You can also send your location directly to your contacts, which can make it easier to find your friends or family when you’re out and about.

Hidden features in your Camera app

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You can use your camera’s flash as a flashlight easily. Access this feature from your lock screen by swiping up on the camera icon. You can also turn on the flashlight in the control panel.

In the Camera app, you can take a bursts of photos. Hold down the shutter button to do this. You can control the shutter with the volume buttons too.

Tapping on the screen when in the Camera app will focus on a part of the picture and sets exposure.

Make your iPhone faster

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Hold down the power button until “Slide to power off” message appears. Then hold down the home button. The screen will then go blank within a few seconds.

IOS normally clears out Random Access Memory (RAM) which can enhance the phone’s operation speed. The best way to do this is to close unused apps. However, the feature mentioned above is for a quick speed boost.

Regularly delete old apps and sync old photos to iCloud to clear up space. You generally want to keep at least 20% of your phone’s total memory free. Check out the Storage by going into Settings, then General, then Storage & iCloud Usage.

Maximize your battery life

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Modern batteries don’t work like they used to when you thought you might need to run your iPhone until the battery was completely empty. It’s better to keep to a full charge as you can get. Keep a spare charger cord or power bank with you to keep your battery charged throughout the day.

You don’t even need to close apps to save the battery life since this removes the apps from your phone’s RAM. It actually takes a lot more of battery juice to re-open those apps.

You can also turn on Low Power Mode under Battery settings by clicking on Settings then Battery. You can also check on battery usage and identify any problems to see what takes most of your batter life up. Unusually it is those social media apps!

What are some other cool features you use on your iPhone? Share below with us in the comments!

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