Screen-Free Stories with My Fabulous Storyteller

A lot of parents are concerned about their children becoming obsessed or dependant on screens, myself included. But a lot of parents also don’t have the time and energy to keep their children entertained all the time. Myself included. What if there was a screen-free storyteller that let your children create their own stories choosing the hero, setting, and more? And what if this wonder toy was portable enough that you could take it anywhere? You can help make that wonder toy a reality!

Meet the Fabulous Storyteller by lunii. I’ve now sufficiently confused you. How can you meet something that isn’t a reality? Well, it is. In Europe. In fact, lunii has sold over 100,000 Fabulous Storytellers. The whole purpose of their new crowdfunding project is to gather enough funds to create US-English contents and to offer a Fabulous Storyteller with more capacity so that you can put a loooot of stories inside!

In addition to the prerecord stories, you can download onto the Fabulous Storyteller, your children can choose their hero, location, key object, and supporting character and the Fabulous Storyteller will automagically create the story and instantly deliver it, giving your children a creative outlet, and hours of fun, all without a single screen! Children can create up to 48 different stories and adventures.

Visit to keep updated on how the crowdfunding is evolving and to enjoy the (very) early bird prices!
My Fabulous Storyteller crowdfunding price is $59. With our link, the first backers will enjoy lower prices 🙂 After the crowdfunding, My Fabulous Storyteller will be sold at a higher price than $59. So don’t wait!

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Disclaimer: I have teamed up with Lunii in support of this campaign. We received compensation for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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