Save $5.00 a Day with These Simple Ideas

“It’s just a few dollars,” you tell yourself thinking it won’t break your budget. If you find yourself saying this, you might just be fooling yourself. A few dollars here and there can add up quickly and hurt your budget.

If you spend $5.00 a day a year that ass up quickly. Spending $5.00 for 365 days a year adds up to $1,825. There are many things you could do with that amount of money, such as taking a vacation, starting an emergency fund, more for your retirement savings, and more.

You can find you could easily save several dollars a day with these simple ideas.

1. Make Coffee at Home

If you purchase a 16-ounce cup of coffee each day for about $2.00 it might not seem like you are spending a lot, but the costs only under 10 cents to brew the same size cup at home.

2. Dine at Home

The Bureau of Labor Statics reports that in 2015 consumers spent an average of $3,008 on food away from home. This averages out to be about $8.00 a day on meals at restaurants.

Avoid the temptation of going out when you have a busy week or day by making slow cooker meals at home! Check out these best slow cooker chicken recipes.

3. Make your own baby food

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It’s easy to stock up on jars of baby food to quickly feed a hungry child. There’s little planning involved, but you can save a lot of money by whipping up your own food for your baby. You can save up to $20 a week by making your own baby food. Here are some easy homemade baby food recipes to try out!

4. Get Discounted Gift Cards

Save money on everyday purchases by purchasing discounted gift cards from retailers you buy from frequently. Check out,, and that sell gift cards for hundreds of retailers for less.

5. Take Advantage of Your Grocery Store Sales

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Lower your grocery bill by stocking up on items that are nonperishable or can be frozen. Keeping a stockpile of items can help you plan meals around what you have and items that are on sale at the grocery store. Families can save more than $50.00 a month by stockpiling items on sale and even using coupons! (Read more about 20 Ways to Save at the Grocery Store)

6. Use Coupons

Mobile apps such as Coupon Sherpa and RetailMeNot can make it easy to find coupons for a variety of items and services you can use while out shopping. Search for the retailer brand in the mobile apps and show the bar code on your mobile device when you are at the checkout counter.

7. Spend Less on Prescription Drugs

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Some stores offer their own discount programs are generic and brand-name drugs. Ask your local pharmacy if they offer these programs. You can also check out that is a free mobile app to compare prescription drug prices at local pharmacies near you to find the best deal.

8. Avoid ATM Fees

Avoid withdrawing cash from the nearest ATM than the one in your bank’s network. You can be paying up to $3.00 in fees each time. If you aren’t close to a ATM in your bank’s network, consider withdrawing during your next grocery store visit with the cash fee-free method.

9. Eliminate Cable TV

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There are so many free and inexpensive ways to watch TV shows and movies nowadays. Eliminate the cable TV by cutting the chord. You can save about $3.00 a day doing this. Watch movies and previously aired TV shows for free on and Major networks, such as ABC, CBS, and NBC, also let you watch some of their shows for free on their websites.

10. Walk More and Drive Less

Be willing to walk or take the public transportation system can save you some serious money depending on your driving habits and gas prices where you live.

11. Spend Less on Auto Insurance

You can easily budget on auto insurance by shopping around to see if you can get a better deal with another insurer. J.D Power 2016 U.S. Insurance Shopping Study reported that car owners who shop for a new insurer and switch save an average of $356 on their annual premiums.

12. Refinance Your Mortgage Rate

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If the value of your home has risen since you purchased it, and the interest rates have dropped since you locked your mortgage rate, you might be able to lower the monthly mortgage payment by refinancing. Black Knight Financial Services reports that 3.3 million homeowners could save at least $200 a month by refinancing their mortgages at today’s rates, and 1 million could save $400 or more each month. This averages out to be about $7 to $13 a day.

13. Don’t Pass on Your Retirement Savings

Make sure you are contributing enough to your retirement account to get a full matching contribution from your employer if they offer one.

14. Fill Out Surveys on the Bottom of Your Store Receipt

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Often there are rewards, free items, or discounts for just a few minutes of your time when you fill out a receipt.

15. Get Cash Back

There are many ways to earn cash back while online, one of those ways is to use There is a good chance you can earn cash back on almost any site you visit. Check out how you can get started by reading more Use This Simple Trick To Save Even More Money.

16. Run Your Errands in One Go

Spend less on gas and time by running your errands into one or two longer outings per week.

17. Use Honey on Your Internet Browser

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The Honey add-on your Internet browser will automatically test known discount and coupon codes for you before you checkout. This can potentially get you a discount or even free shipping!

18. Sign Up for that E-mail List

By signing up for your favorite restaurants or downloading their app, you can get a free item. It can either be a delicious appetizer or dessert.

19. Check Your Car Tires

Be sure that your car tires are properly inflated. If your tires are 2 PSI or below their recommended inflation, you can lose 1% of your average gas mileage. Most tires are 5-10 PSI under the recommended inflation! So increase your gas mileage by 5% and keep more money in your pockets.

20. Actually Save $5 a Day

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You can easily save $5 a day by stashing that amount in an empty jar. This ensures that you are actually saving that amount of money daily.

What are some of your favorite ways to save a few dollars? Let us know in the comments below!

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