Having Kids Help with the Household Chores is Actually a Good Thing

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Spring has surely sprung into our lives. It’s time to prepare for your spring cleaning to-do list. You might feel a little overwhelmed with all that needs to be done. However, you can get everything done much faster with the help of your family. Not only will the help of your family help clean the house faster, but there are actually benefits for children who help out with household chores!

A study found that doing chores is a good thing!

According to The Washington Post, 82 percent of the parents in the study said they had regular chores when growing up by only 28 reported asking their children to do any. On the other hand, several studies have linked that chores can instill positive characteristic traits into children later in life when they are adults.

Marty Rossman, a researcher who analyzed and collected over 25 years’ worth of data, pointed out that children around the ages of 3 or 4 who start participating in chores are likely become well-adjusted, have better relationships with their family and friends, and be more successful in their career paths. Marty also notes that chores is an important part of teaching children how to contribute to their families and that chores can help them have a sense of empathy as adults.

Here’s how you can get everyone involved in the spring cleaning this year.

Make a plan

Getting organized in the beginning of the cleaning project will be easier and assigning the family tasks. Start off by making a list of all the things you want to get done. You can even create a timeline of what should get done one certain days. Be sure to sit down with the family and discuss the plan, the timeline, and assigning tasks.

Have a little fun with the cleaning

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be boring and something everyone will dread. You can easily make this cleaning project fun by creating teams and having a little competition. Put people into teams to make the jobs go faster instead of assigning individual tasks. You can choose team names, create team outfits with matching colors, and race to see who finish the fastest.

Celebrate together

When the cleaning is complete, it’s time to celebrate! You can treat everyone with a celebratory meal or go out for a specials sweet treat.

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