Help Your Child Avoid Cyberbullying with These Tips

Children are facing different experiences of stress. Often there is stress with school academics and sometimes among their own peers. One stress that is becoming gradually more common is cyberbullying. With an increase in technology, such as the innovation of the Internet and several social medias, many people, parents and children, do not know how to handle it or even talk about it to help address it if it comes up.

To help your child avoid cyberbullying, check out these common types of cyberbully and tips on how you can help your child combat it before it comes a concern.


One of the most prominent ways children communicate now with their friends is through texting. It is also one of the ways gossipy, bullying, and making fun of others can take place.

Here is what you can do:

Talk to your child about if someone texts him or her that is off or rude, they should tell a person to step writing such things to them. If the person continues, tell your child they should tell you and that you will take the necessary steps to stop it. One way to help stop the person from contacting your child if they do not stop writing such things is blocking their cell phone number or contacting their parents. If the nature of the content is threatening, report it to the police and the school in case appropriate steps are needed to keep your child safe.

Social Media

There are many social media platforms out there, such as Facebook, Twitter, and more. These are often popular hangouts for teens. Social media platforms are a place that can potentially a child might see things posted online about them that can be mean or even gossipy.

Here is what you can do:

If your child is sent mean posts, tweets, or anything directed at them, tell them not to respond to it. Tell them to save the information and have them tell your immediately when it happens. Contact the child’s school and let them know what is happening. Schools often have anti-bullying policies and will take the appropriate steps.

Remember to tell your child to not react with sharp remarks. Your child could likely get in trouble for cyberbullying as well demanding on their responds back. Let them know you will take the steps in order to get it solved. Make sure they do not delete the contents sent or written about them as you may need this later for proof of the cyberbullying.


Sexting is when a bully will take texts, pictures, and other messages and post them online in order to embarrass and be incriminating. This form of bullying can also happen when someone says or sends uninvited sexual things to make someone feel uncomfortable or to get a laugh from others who might be reading what is posted.

Here is what you can do:

Many children do not talk to their parents about sexting because they are afraid their parents might get mad at them for sending such pictures or test messages that shouldn’t have been sent. If your child has taken the pictures, sent the text messages, or other media that is now on the Internet, let them know that it is not right for others to be using this against them. Depending on your parenting style, you may tell your child you are not angry with them or that you are disappointed for them sending those pictures or text messages, but you will do what you needed to do in order to stop the bullying.

Overall, cyberbullying is a very real stress and can hurt children severely. It’s important to let your child know you are on their side and you will do what you can as a parent to help and to stop the bullying. Schools often have zero tolerance for bullying, which also includes online. There are also some cities who have laws against cyberbullying so there are steps you can take to end the bullying to help make your child feel safe online and at school.

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