Eight Ways To Feel Less Stressed At Home

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One place you don’t want to feel stressed out is at home. Home is a person’s comfort zone and safe place to relax and unwind regardless of the type of day you have had. The good news is there are ways to help you feel less tension and function better while you’re at home.

What you don’t want to do is bottle up your emotions and pretend like you’re getting along fine when you’re truly not. You need to be proactive and admit when it’s all too much and you need a new approach. Learn about ways to help you feel more in control and happier at home so you can move on in peace.

Get Organized

Being disorganized will quickly make you feel frantic and out of sorts. You don’t want to always be stressing and digging through piles of information and belongings to find what you need. Take a weekend or two and go through all of your items and make sure each has its own place in your home. Purchase organizing tools and bins to help you divide and conquer, and make sure to label each box, so you understand what’s what when you go to look for it. You could also keep a calendar of events so you know where each family member is at all times just in case there is miscommunication further down the line.

Add a Pet to the Family

While pets are little extra work, they’re worth it for all the love they comfort they offer throughout your household. Imagine coming home to a furry little Bengal cat after a hard day of work. You’ll quickly feel at ease because they’ll put a smile on your face the minute you walk through the door. A pet becomes part of the family, and you’ll soon question how you ever lived without one after spending some time with it. It’s also a nice addition that the kids will appreciate and it can keep them company when they’re at home.

Communicate Respectfully

What you don’t need is to come home after work each night and have a shouting match with your spouse or children. Teach your kids how to be respectful to one another through open and honest communication. Make sure you and your spouse are demonstrating these behaviors when you’re in front of the kids, and they don’t always witness you yelling at one another. Being able to talk to each other in a polite tone will definitely keep your household running smoothly and eliminate the extra stress that comes from being rude to each other.

Ask for Help

As a mom, you don’t have to do it all and take on everyone else’s responsibilities. However, you may have to know how to delegate and certainly have no reservations about speaking up when you need help. Have family meetings and discuss what needs to be done and figure out who is in charge of what going forward. Your loved ones may not know you need the help unless you make them aware and show them what to do. Going through the motions, complaining and trying to get it all done alone won’t have you feeling very relaxed.

Practice Work/Life Balance

There has to be a balance in your life if you’re going to experience happiness and satisfaction. This means setting boundaries and not working too hard at either location. Know your limits and stop filling up your schedule when you know you don’t have time to get to all of it. Learn how to say no to others and put yourself first for a change. Staying at work late every night isn’t going to allow you to run a calm and peaceful household. You’ll be crabby, and your family will feel lost without your direction.

Make Time for You

The only way you’re going to function at your best and feel less stressed at home is if you make more time for you. Put appointments on the calendar for doing whatever it is that will make you happy at that moment. Go get a massage, head out for a run or sit at home and read a book in peace and quiet. It’s important you have enough time set aside for you if you want to feel good and be able to manage your family life more easily. Self-care is one aspect you should never give up or say you don’t have time for if you want to feel less stressed.

Follow A Schedule

While it’s good to change up your routine once in awhile, a schedule helps you stay on track and not have to think too much about what you’re doing next. Preparing an agenda will allow you to make sure everyone departs the house on time in the morning and you know what’s going on after school and work. You’ll have a plan in place ahead of time, and this will alleviate stress and tension that comes with not following a schedule. Put it where everyone can see it, so you don’t have to keep reminding others where they’re supposed to be.

Take Advantage of your Weekends

Weekends provide a lot of extra time to get your errands done, relax and spend quality time with your family. Think about what you want to do in advance so the weekend doesn’t roll around and you end up wasting it on the couch doing nothing or working the entire time. Once again, it’s about balance and prioritizing so you’re getting the most important tasks done first. You likely don’t see a whole lot of your family throughout the week. Therefore, this is a good time to plan a game or movie night as a group.


Your home life doesn’t have to be as stressful as you’re making it. All it requires is you taking control and figuring out a plan for keeping everyone on schedule and you feeling good by attending to your own needs first. Remember to reach out and not try to do it all on your own, or you’ll soon feel exhausted. Enjoy the benefits that come along with creating a more stable life at home.

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