How To Drastically Improve Your Sleep Quality

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You’ll know just how important a decent night’s sleep is. When you haven’t slept well, you sure know about it as you’ll feel tired and irritable. Drastically improving your sleep is possible, you just need to make a few changes here and there and switch things up. You will need to take plenty of time to allow yourself to relax before climbing into bed; don’t be afraid to get into bed at 8 o’clock if your kids are asleep and you’re all sorted for the next day. There’s no point in waiting around for a reasonable hour to go to bed; instead, get into bed whenever you want or need to.

Have A Great Mattress

You should be getting eight hours of sleep a night, so if you’re falling short of that, then you’re not positioning yourself for the healthiest lifestyle you can have. Sleep is crucial to enjoying a healthy life, and you need good quality rest in order to reenergize and allow your body to repair itself. Before you do anything else, spare a thought to the health of your spine and invest in a supportive mattress. Having an adjustable air bed can help you find a comfortable position that’s right for you due to its customization capabilities.

Make Your Bedroom Relaxing

Drastically improve your sleep quality by making your bedroom into a serene retreat that will make you eager to get into bed earlier in the evenings. Make your bedroom an inviting space that boasts of cool colors such as light greys and blues. Eliminate technology by leaving your mobile, tablet, and computer out of the bedroom, and instead use the radio to wake you in the place of your phone alarm. Add some soft lighting, and decorate your room with a salt lamp and candles. Keep the lighting to a minimum and listen to some slow orchestral music as you’re trying to sleep.

Take Time To Wind Down

Have a bath in the runup to bedtime and be sure to add some drops of aromatherapy oils such as either lavender or tea tree oil. Allow yourself an hour to relax and enjoy what you’re doing. Wind down by watching ASMR videos and regulating your breathing, or by asking your partner to give you a massage. Sleep is incredibly important, so you should be thinking of new ways to calm down before going to sleep. Do whatever helps you relax and stay away from stimulating technology.

Limit Caffeine Consumption

If you’re used to relying on coffee to keep you feeling human throughout the day, then you might find you need less coffee as the quality of you sleep drastically improves. Tell yourself that you will drink coffee in the morning and have your last mug before 12 pm. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, then limit how much you consume throughout the day and stop at midday. Tea is high in caffeine too, so avoid drinking it before bedtime. Opt for tea that is free from caffeine, and you should find that you’re less wired in the evenings. Green tea is a great alternative.

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