4 Fun Ways to Bond with Your Child

When it comes to bonding with your child, there are many unique and fun ways to. Parents get a lot of advice from family members, parenting books, friends, and more on how to bond with a child. However, the bonding advice you often receive falls into the daily life category most of the time. You can easily create lasting memories or traditions with unique and fun activities.

Check out these 4 fun ways to create a bond with your child that will last a life-time!

Parent and child date night

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Date nights with your child can be fun and create a strong bond between you two. There are many things you can do for date nights. Go out to dinner and a show, or for some ice cream. You can even teach them a life lesson by giving them dollars in what age they are (for children under 10 you can double the money). Your children can save the money or spend it with you on dates. The catch is that they have to spend the money on you too, so if they want ice cream they need to buy you some too. This teaches your children money management skills but also being polite on a date.

Camp out in the living room

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Camping out in the living room is a totally different experience than going outdoors for camping. The great thing about camping out in doors is avoiding the bad weather and you don’t need to pack any food!

You can create a tent using cushions, sheets, and chairs. Grab your child’s favorite stuffed animals and toys. You can spend the night together building the campsite. When finishing building you can play games inside the tent or tell silly stories before falling asleep. Don’t worry; you can slip away into your own bed when they have fallen asleep!

Backyard movie

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If the weather is nice you can create your own backyard movie theatre! Grab a long white sheet to use as your screen. Tack up the sheet on a fence and turn on the projector when it gets dark. This is one fun way to spend spring and summer nights with your child!

Skip the plates

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While this might be something that gets a little messy and we leave our manners behind, it can be super fun! Eat over the kitchen sink with your children. It brings a lot of laughter and a bit of a mess, but you’ll be having a great time together.

There are many ways you can bond with your child. Don’t be afraid to use some of these activities as a family tradition. Be sure to come up with your own bonding activities with your children. No matter how crazy or silly they might be don’t skip out on them! These moments will be what your children and you remember for the years to come.

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