How to Save a Choking Baby

When our little ones begin to crawl it can be a joyous experience and milestone for them. However, it can also increase their risk of safety. One of the ways babies learn to explore their new world after learning how to get around is putting things in their mouth. And often they will find small things even if you have ensured that every little thing has been picked off the floor. Babies have a keen eye for small things.

If your baby was to put a small object within their mouth and started choking, would you know what to do to help them?

St. John Ambulance, a first-aid training organization with branches around the world, has recently put out a video titled “The Chokeables”. Every parent should take a look and watch this 40-second video that features object that babies commonly can choke on, such as a pen cap, marble, broken crayon, and a nut).

A princess figurine demonstrates the steps to save a choking baby:

  1. Lay your baby face-down on your thigh. Give him up to 5 back blows.
  2. If that doesn’t work, turn your baby over and give him up to 5 chest thrusts until the airway is clear.
  3. If the chest thrust don’t work either, call an ambulance immediately.

Choking is often a life or death situation. It’s important to be familiar with the procedure in case your child becomes endangered. You can check out first aid advice for parents here at St. John Ambulance or sign up for a course nearest you by speaking to your child’s health care provider.

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