How to Pet-Proof Your House

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Pets are the pride and joy of many households across the world, whether you have one trusted companion or an eclectic mix of exotic animals. In any case, pets bring love and warmth into a home, but they can also bring mess. When you already have the mess of children to compete with, adding that of your pets on top can make it seem overwhelming. Though the mess might seem like the most frustrating part, what is more important to consider is whether your pet will encounter any dangers in your home that could lead to further problems. If you are willing to pet-proof your house completely, make sure you follow these five tips.

De-clutter often

Dogs and cats love having toys to play with. When there are kids’ toys and excess clutter around, they could easily start using these as their own. This could lead to them swallowing harmful materials, but will also lead to them creating more mess and damage when they tear your child’s toy to pieces. Whenever you get the time, de-clutter your house. Make sure you store toys and clutter away into boxes, or throw anything out that you don’t need, so that your pet doesn’t have anything to get their hands on.

Re-upholster your furniture

Lots of families have plush velvet sofas, or ones covered with materials that liquids can easily penetrate. This means that stains from muddy paws or newborn puppies have the potential to tarnish your furniture. If you can’t afford to replace your furnishings entirely, then it’s wise to consider re-upholstering it with waterproof fabrics before your new pet arrives. Leather is always a popular choice, as you can easily wipe away the mess once it has landed, with no repercussions.

Keep cleaning products on hand

No matter what you do to your home, you can never avoid mess altogether. For the times when mess does occur, you need to be able to tackle it quickly, so that you can forget about it as soon as it has happened. Having a small drawer in each room with some cleaning supplies in will be a huge help, where a cloth and some cleaning spray is often all you need to save you searching for it in the garage. In times where cleaning spray isn’t enough, and your carpets have been dirtied beyond your help, you can always ask a carpet cleaning company like Technicare, who specialize in removing pet stains, to help you turn back the time.

Put harmful items out of reach

Often, pets can get their teeth into items that might land them in the vet’s clinic. This can be anywhere from packets of medication that have been lying within reach, to sharp objects they have found no trouble getting to. Having secure doors, putting items up high to stop pets from getting to them, or locking them into safety boxes are all things that can help. It is also important to note that while lilies are a popular flower to present someone with, if you are ever in receipt of a bouquet, you will have to throw them away early if you have a cat, as they are highly poisonous to household pets.

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