How to Keep Your White Clothing in Good Condition

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White t-shirts are one of the most versatile items within your closet. You can pair it with just about anything. From a night out you can pair it with heels to wearing it with some blue jeans for a casual day out. However, there are a few steps you should follow when caring for your white clothing pieces.

Take a look at these easy steps to keep your white clothing in good condition and almost white as it was on day one.

Keep the laundry loads small

Start by keeping your laundry loads small. Large loads of laundry come with more dirt and grime that’s released into the washing machine. It can get into the water and eventually your clothes likely will be getting dirt back onto it instead of getting clean. Be sure to wash your white clothing with other whites.

Use the correct amount of laundry detergent

Make sure you use enough detergent for the amount of load you are putting into it. If there isn’t enough detergent being used to wash your clothes than the dirt and grime can still remain on the clothing being washed.

This is how you should wash a white t-shirt

The best way to wash a white t-shirt is turning it inside out before putting it into the wash. It helps keep the garment looking fresh and new on the outside. You should also add detergent that has whitening agents and use warm water when washing white t-shirts. Hot water is likely to degrade the color of the shirt faster.

Avoid bleaching your white clothing

Bleach can make whites turn to yellow, especially 100 percent cotton white. Try using non-chlorine bleach products.

Removing stains

Soak your white clothing in non-chlorine-based bleach for 30 minutes before washing. Be sure to use the hottest water temperature that’s recommended on the care label. Check out our article on Your Decoding Guide to Wash Care Symbols on Clothing. The hot water will help the chemicals to react and will help the detergent to work better in whitening your whites.

Should you use the drier to dry your t-shirts?

Your drier can go into the drier, but take it easy on it. Drying too much of any garment can degrade it, especially cotton. It might even cause the t-shirt to start turning yellow. For the best results, use a shorter crying cycle when washing whites, then remove it when it’s damp and hang it to dry. You may iron it on low-heat to get any wrinkles out or use a steamer.

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