Great Healthcare Career Options for Busy Parents

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One difficulty of being a parent is being able to get work hours that fit your schedule. Even when you have children who are old enough to attend school full-time, you will likely need childcare both before and after school. Working in the healthcare field is a wonderful option for parents who need good benefits, as well as a schedule that is flexible and accommodating. Visit to get started in the respiratory therapy field and you will always be able to make time for your little ones. From phlebotomy to nursing, parents have lots of different career choices in the healthcare industry. Here’s how to choose the career path that will enable you to still have lots of family time.

Getting Into Radiology

Radiologists, also known as x-ray technicians, take pictures of bones and internal systems so that doctors and nurses can treat patients. There are some safety precautions that have to be taken while working in radiology, but in general, the field offers a low-stress environment where parents can work very flexible hours. Additionally, you can work in a setting that is completely devoted to radiology or you can offer support services in a hospital. Radiologists also earn quite a respectable salary, so you can possibly work part-time and still have the means to provide for your children.

What Respiratory Therapists Do

Normally, people breath on their own without any kind of help. People with asthma, patients recovering from lung surgeries, and anyone who has a breathing issue might need to work with a respiratory therapist. Since breathing oxygen is a basic but necessary biological need, you might see why respiratory therapists are valuable in the healthcare industry. Respiratory therapy is also a great field to go into if your children have breathing issues and you want to be able to treat them yourself at home.

The Flexibility of Nursing

Nurses can work really long hours, but there is a huge benefit to being on the clock for 12 hours at a day. Firstly, nurses can choose to work two, three, or four-day shifts, which would mean that you’d have limited childcare expenses. Imagine having Monday through Friday off from work so that you can see your kids off to school every morning. Alternatively, nurses can also work longer hours during the work week and then always have weekends off. Rest assured that your preferences, as well as your childcare needs, will be respected by all prospective employers in the nursing field.

Remember that the people interviewing you might be parents too, so they can understand your desire to have time at home. As long as your credentials are in order and your work record is solid, you should find plenty of flexibility in scheduling, so you can take time off to care for your children. Whether you choose to go into respiratory therapy, nursing, phlebotomy, or radiology, you will get loads of help and support from other busy parents trying to make a living, just like you are.

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