Emotional Eating – 3 Ways to Use it for Health

We hear a lot about stress and emotional eating and how some use food as a way to cope. However, if you’re one of those whose stomach tightens and the thought of eating when stressed or anxious is the last thing you want to do, you’re probably reacting to a natural instinct called the flight or fight syndrome.

This instinct protected our ancestors from attack or danger because it told the brain not to eat, but to put that energy into leaving or overcoming the hazard. The adrenal glands produce cortisol, the stress hormone, which triggers a reaction throughout your body to shut down the need to eat and digest, both of which require energy.

Not everyone experiences this reaction to stress, but if you do, you know how crippling it can be when you’re dealing with emergencies, highly stressful situations or long-term anxiety. Your natural inclination not to eat can harm your health, especially if you’re thin to start with. Not being able to can increase your distress, since your physical and mental functions depend on the energy your body delivers via food.

It’s alright to skip a meal or two, but if your stress is likely to continue for more than a day, not eating won’t help you. Skinny people have fewer energy reserves than those packing an extra pound or two and are more at risk from skipped meals over a continuous period.

Women can experience menstrual irregularities, and brittle bones can affect either gender in response to repeated cortisol production. Not eating enough food, exceptionally healthy food, lowers the immune system’s ability to respond to bacterial or viral infections. Inadequate protein makes it harder to build and repair muscles, while fat and carbohydrates are vital for brain function and regulating blood sugar levels. Adequate fiber helps the body lose toxins and clears away unhealthy cholesterol, people with healthy levels of cholesterol are perfect to donate at the local Blood Drive.

Scientists haven’t yet discovered what prompts the feast or famine response to stress, but if you know that your reaction is to avoid food, these steps can help you deal with anxiety and lower the health risks associated with lack of food and the release of stress hormones:

Eat a little. It may be hard, but if you start eating a few bites at a time, you’ll start to get the nutrition you need. Choose your favorite comfort food. If your stomach doesn’t cooperate, try a smoothie. A blender or food processor is all you need. Smooth soups or purees are also easier to manage than food you have to chew. Fruit juices can also provide the vitamins and calories you need and are easy to drink, especially if they don’t have added sugars or high fructose corn syrup.

If you experience a lack of appetite often in response to stress or anxiety, consider keeping powdered supplements on hand. Bodybuilders use powders to mix with other food that helps them bulk up. These supplements are high in protein and essential vitamins and minerals that can help pull you through the occasional bouts of low appetite caused by stress.

Another way to ease back into eating is to go somewhere you associate with positive feelings to eat. It might be at a sunny picnic table in the park, patio dining at your favorite restaurant or on the couch wearing your most comfortable clothes, listening to soothing music or watching TV shows or movies. Let you relax and take a bite now and then.

Escape. While you won’t be able to avoid dealing with the issues that stress you, getting away can help you relax. Choose things that help you change your perspective, whether it’s going to the movies, indulging yourself in overnight satiation, or going for a drive. These activities help you put some distance between the issues you’re facing and help you regain the bigger picture Customers are hoping to conserve space whenever possible specifically in the house gyms. Eating high potassium food not only helps you is such situation but also gives your body muscles strength

With adjustable dumbbells, individuals will likely have the many weight at their fingertips, and the only thing you should do is adjust the weights to your amount they require about exercise as well as begin their figure out. That should prevent a person from for almost any fumble about the room to uncover the proper amount of weight which will save precious time and give the individual to sort out more efficiently overall. So these can be done together with playing baseball and learning to play ukulele.

The last point is that even though one may spend a lot of money to buy a proper mattress – Sleeping Culture, guarantees a sound sleep. The body sleeps when it requires sleep. The body can only require sleep when it has had a fairly active day. Hence, when the body is lazy all day, it does not require sleep. But since the body is tuned in a certain way, it reacts to the absence of sleep in a negative manner entirely. So why wait? Keep all these in mind to achieve good health for your body.

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