8 Ways to Boost Your Family Time Together

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With a busy schedule constantly in our lives, it seems we can never find enough time to have family time. From cooking meals, folding laundry, going to work, and all of the other essentials, often means less time for us, parents, to spend less time with the ones we love most. However, simple and effective steps can be taken to decrease the business within our lives.

Take a look at these 8 ways you can save time on everyday responsibilities and spend more time with your family.

Your to-do list

A great way to tackle your to-do list is to list it into three categories: Don’t, Delegate, and Do. Look at the items on your to-do list and consider things you are likely not going to do. Ask yourself “What happens if I don’t complete this?” If you are likely not going to do the task, move it to the don’t category. In the “Delegate” category, consider if someone else may be able to complete these tasks. Your children, husband, friend, or someone else may be able to help you with these. Finally, in the “Do” section, you likely have made a smaller list of things you can accomplish. Make note of which ones are time sensitive and complete those ones first.

Use what you have got

Make sure you take advantage of every resource you can. Ask your children, husband, or even babysitter to help prepare dinner, pick up the house, or restock.

Take time to coordinate errands by location so that you are able to finish them and many as possible in one trip.

If friends or family offer to help with tasks that need to get done, make sure you take them up on their offers. Just remember to thank them for their generousity and even treat them with a special gift, such as dinner or an IOU.

Get the kids involved

Getting the children involved into helping with tasks not only takes things off your plate to do, but also teaches them valuable lessons. A smaller child is able to put their toys away, where older kids can help set the table or put laundry away.

Reduce any time wasters

Take the time to reduce any time wasters that keep you busy. For instance, if you spend hours looking for those lost shoes or keys it’s time you create an organized system so that everyday items and family members have a regular place with their items. You can give each person a basket or cubby by the door. Labeling them with each person’s name is something you can also do. To prevent any morning stress, make sure you have everything ready the night before, such as laying out clothes before bedtime and other items. Check out Quick Tips for Busy Moms Getting Ready in the Morning and 6 No-Fail Tips to Get Your Kids Out the Door Faster.

Get more done with your job

Being productive at work can create a more relaxed time at home. You might be able to get more done outside of the work. If possible, see if your job will allow you to come into work early at the office or let your work home one day a week. Make sure to check with your coworkers or Human Resources department.

Get the low-down with technology

Make sure you sign up for any school or city e-mail or text alerts. You will then be updated on any snow days at school or transportation delays if you commute to work. In addition, avoid scheduling conflicts by noting down in your phone about important dates, such as school holidays, field trips, work trips, or parent-teacher conferences.

Double it up

Double up on any recipes and freeze them for later in the week. You can easily find recipes online for that are family-friendly. Make sure to keep your freezer stocked with necessary items like fruit or vegetables. These can save you last-minute trips to the grocery store if you have forgotten a side dish. You may want to consider giving yourself a break during the week or once in a while by not cooking a big dinner. Grab a couple frozen pizzas or other frozen meals. Make sure to get ones that are healthy, such as a veggie-heavy frozen pizza. (Check out our 15 Fast and Easy Make Ahead Breakfast Ideas to avoid busy mornings).

Get your priorities in line

Trying to be the supermom who has it all together at work and home can be. That’s because she doesn’t exist. It’s time to give up trying to be perfect and get your priorities in line and pursue them. Make sure you do things that help you feel happy or less stressed. Spend time on what’s important to you.

We all can get caught up in living a busy life that lives us running and rambling. It’s important to step back and take time to figure out what we can do to avoid tasks that keep us busy and away from the important things we cherish in our lives. Remember to make time for family—it doesn’t matter if you have skip the laundry for one night or cook a pizza for dinner.

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