7 Steps to Make Spring Cleaning Your Garage a Breeze

Garages are often used to store our cars, but they can also become a home’s dumping ground for many items. Our children’s out grown clothes, storage bins, broken items, or anything you just want to not deal with or removed from the home. It’s that time of year again, spring is around the corner.

We are all coming out of our winter shells!

You’ll need a day (or two, or more depending on your garage’s condition) dedicated to clearing out and organizing your garage. To help start out the season on the right foot, it’s time to de-clutter so you can enjoy the weather warming up.

Check out these 10 steps that will make spring cleaning your garage a breeze!

1. Make a plan

A lot of things can happen in the garage since the last time you might have organized it. First focus on resorting order. Make a list of things that need to get done or a rough plan of the final results.

2. Pick your method

Tackling a large space like the garage can seem very daunting, so it’s important to figure out first the best way to get the job done. One of the first things you can do is remove recyclables or tagging items you can donate or bring to the dump. You can then empty the entire garage out and build it back up to how you might have vision it to be.

If you are limited on time to tackle the entire garage, then choose a section of the garage first. Make sure you set a good amount of time each week or day to get the job done. It doesn’t have to be done within one day.

3. Get rid of any unused items

If no one or you haven’t touched items within the garage in the last year or so then it’s time to get rid of them. You can easily donate items instead of them gathering dust.

You can easily sort through items by categorizing them by usage—“use regularly”, “use annually”, “never use” and “sentimental storage”. Make sure annual and regular use of items are in good condition. If not make sure you replace them. As for sentimental items, it’s best to focus on what you really want to keep and what you actually have room to store safely.

4. Create a storage

If you don’t have a proper organizational storage system, then it’s time to invest into one. One of the best ways to store items within your garage is shelving systems. Open metal or wire shelving systems can hold tubs and bins for things like holiday decorations or sentimental items.

5. Hang items on the wall

If you are short on space use a peg board with hooks to hang items. Gardening tools that have handles can be hung on the wall to save space and keep them off the floor.

6. Consider placement

Be thoughtful of the placement you place within the garage. Make sure the items you use more often are accessible areas.

7. Give every item a home

A great way to keep the garage in an organizational system is to give each item a home. You can label everything from the hooks and pegboard stations to your storage bins. This can help make sure all items are properly put back into their original places.

You can help get your family on board about keeping the garage clean and organized by involving them in the process. Consider giving everyone a spot or at least show them where their items are placed at.

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