Tips to Help You Lose the Postpartum Pregnancy Pouch

Losing that saggy postpartum pouch is one difficult challenge for most mothers. Most likely you’ve done the tummy wrap, uncountable sit-ups and taken gallons of water, yet you still can’t fit in half a dozen of your dinner dresses. Well, the approach you take to lose your pregnancy pouch will determine how easy and fast you are successful.

First things first, avoid trying to lose the pregnancy pouch in a couple of weeks or a few months. Jennifer Wider, a professional medical doctor, mentions that the skin, like any other organ, requires ample time to recover after an injury or a particular impact. It takes nine months for your pregnancy pouch to form. So, give your body ample time to recover after birth.

Postnatal Diet

Following a crash diet is one thing that you should avoid after giving birth. The diet will lead to fast and sudden fat loss, which in turn leaves your tummy skin all saggy and wrinkled. Furthermore, your baby needs nutritious mum’s milk, and a crash diet may not provide the essential nutrients.

Proteins should be one of the main portions of your meals. Foods high in protein support the body’s healing process, and will in turn, enable your tummy to regain its elasticity and shape. On average, you should consume approximately 50 grams of protein every day. Great sources of proteins include red meat, fish, dairy products, and legumes. Additionally, ensure you take the proverbial eight glasses of water every day to stay hydrated. Water supports normal bodily functions including fat burn, and aids in maintaining skin elasticity.

Post-natal Exercise

It’s recommended that you first get a pass to exercise from your doctor before starting a workout program. Exercises that best firm-up your tummy include strength training. Strength training involves weight lifting and helps work-out your abdominal muscles. Start lifting light to moderately heavy dumbbells, and gradually increase the weight of dumbbells as your abdominal muscles get stronger. Starting off with heavy weights too heavy for you may cause muscle strain and tears that will be counterproductive.  

Besides strengthening the abdominal muscles, ensure you do some intense cardio to burn fat not only around the tummy region, but also all-round the body. However, it’s advisable to start your workout program with light exercises, such as walking or jogging. Starting at a moderately slow pace will allow your body to easily adapt to daily or frequent exercises.

Tummy modifications

In case you are in need of instant changes, such as the important date for which you want to fit into your trendy bridesmaid dress, there are cosmetic solutions that you might want to check. Cosmetic surgery is popular in recent times because of the significant changes it can achieve. A tummy tuck falls into this category and often has noticeable results. You can opt for a tummy tuck cosmetic surgery if other options have failed to eliminate your postpartum pregnancy pouch. The process involves removal of fat and tightening of the loose skin around the tummy. In essence, the tummy tuck procedure is a two-in-one process with more than one benefit.

However, just like any other surgical procedure, cosmetic surgery has noteworthy medical and physical impacts. So, before you settle for a tummy tuck ensure you find a professional plastic surgeon to guide you through the surgical procedure and highlight expectations. If you don’t have a referral, you may opt to search online for a commendable plastic surgeon.

For instance, you can search for tummy tuck Henderson to find cosmetic surgery specialists available within the Henderson area. Remember that it’s advisable to work with a plastic surgeon registered by a legal medical board within your region or country, such as the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. Ensure you find several cosmetic surgeons and visit their clinics as you can to compare different tummy tuck cosmetic surgery packages on offer.

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