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When your baby starts to walk, it’s a major milestone in their life and one of the most amazing things you will see as a parent. It can also be the start of a desperate time of trying to stop them from taking things off shelves and reaching all manner of things they never could before. That is why this is the time you need to start thinking about toddler-proofing your home. Here are some tips for keeping your toddler and your things safe.

Raise the Shelves

If you have low-level shelving in your living room, then this is a great temptation for your toddler. They will not only like taking everything off the shelves, but they will also like to climb them. That is why it is best that you remove them, so they don’t pose a hazard to them. You need to check other shelves around the house as well to make sure none of them are within reach of your toddler, this is what I did with my wire shelving units, I have a lot of them all over the house. 

Items on the Floor

Before your baby learned to crawl and walk, you probably had things on the floor such as lamps, plants and maybe even ornaments. Once your child is mobile, however, you will need to think about alternative places to keep all these things. Floor lamps are still ok, to use, though you need to make sure that the cords and extension leads are out of reach. You also might want to check that the lamp itself doesn’t easily fall over. Any ornaments or plants should be moved to a higher location just in case they get knocked over.

Dining Area

The dining area can present all manner of opportunities for the toddler. You need to make sure that the dining chairs are pushed in, so they cannot climb, and things on the table are pushed into the middle. It is also a good idea to not have a tablecloth on the table as they may pull things off the table with it. If there are any drawers or cupboards in the room, then you will need to fit locks to keep them closed. There is an example of these on sites like


For the most part, you should probably keep the door to the bathroom closed when you are not in there. However, you will still need to make sure that nothing can be reached by your toddler. If you have any toiletries or other things placed on or near the bath, then they need to be removed and put in a cupboard higher up. You should also think about boxing in any bare pipework in case they touch it while it’s hot. The other big issue is never to leave your toddler in there when the bath is running, even for a moment.

These are just a few of the many things you should be looking at when your child starts to get mobile. Go down to their level and see what they see, it will give you a great insight into their world.

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