What Life Is Like in Luxury Residential Apartments

Everyone fantasizes about a life of luxury, but have you ever truly considered actually living one? While the larger than life yachts and penthouse mansions of the billionaire lifestyle remain an unattainable dream for most, new apartment complexes offering the finer things in life are popping up across the country.

From the Atlanta Glendale CA apartments for rent to suave dwellings on the East Coast, these types of homes are now within reach for the well off amongst us. Here’s what life is like in these high-end dwellings.

A Wealth of Amenities

The first thing that pops into anyone’s head when imagining luxury living is the amenities it comes with. Who wouldn’t want to watch their favorite flick in a private cinema, relax after a long day at work with a rooftop pool and bar, or have dinner catered to them with 24-hour concierge services?

That’s exactly what you can expect at these locations, but it’s more than just relaxation and pampering. These new apartments also feature state of the art fitness centers and yoga studios to help residents stay in shape, pet spas for furry residents, and conference rooms for the entrepreneur or businessperson.

The idea is to cater to as many lifestyles a possible while promoting good health and providing all of the necessities in life right outside of your front door. While all of these certainly add appeal to any location, a home is not entirely defined by the exterior spaces. It takes a specially designed interior to supply the other half of the luxe lifestyle.

Personal Space

Designers and architects work together to provide residents with unique spaces. While the common idea of an apartment entails cramped space and limited lighting, these homes focus on letting an abundant amount of natural light flow in through large windows. They also open up the interior by lessening the number of walls and expanding the floor space.

Materials like iced quartz and vinyl tile come together with stainless steel appliances to create a unique appeal. Under cabinet lighting and backsplashes add character, while color palettes bring out the mood and feeling of the city these homes are located in. Every inch of space is designed for unique personalities.

Large vanities in the bathroom? Check. A Private balcony with breathtaking views of the city skyline? Check. Italian cabinetry and European fixtures? Check. Plush carpet where you want it, but hardwood plank floors everywhere else? Check.

High Tech

No luxury home would be complete with the finest in smart home technology, right? Today’s world has seen a significant push for green technology and smart appliances, which is why you’ll find Nest thermostats and water conserving shower heads in nearly every one of these homes.

Imagine adjusting the thermostat while sitting on your couch, or turning on the lights with voice controls. Does it get any better? Add that to lightning fast internet and smart alerts for your concierge, and it yes it does.


Last but not least, location is key to any home. While ads for Luxury Apartments Hercules, CA | Aventine apartments obviously play heavily on their Bay Area address, these places also offer convenience. Imagine having a Whole Foods as the first floor of your home, walking down the street to the hottest bar in town, or taking a five-minute Uber ride to reach sprawling mountainsides with plenty of hiking opportunities.

It’s all right there. Everything you could ever need conveniently located in and around one roof. That’s what it’s like to live in a luxury residential home.

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