Helping Your Child Deal with Anxiety

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If you have a child that has developed anxiety over certain situations, then it can be a worry for you. As a parent, you want to protect your children and help them to be confident and happy. However, if their anxieties become too severe, it can cause them to become unhappy and fearful of almost everything. There are things you can do to help your child overcome their fears and control their anxiety.

Managing Anxiety Not Eliminating It

When you see your child is suffering from anxiety, the natural thing to do as parents is to try and stop the reason for the anxiety. However, trying to shield your child from these causes can make the situation worse, as it isn’t teaching the child how to deal with their anxiety. Instead, it is teaching the child how to avoid it. To help them, you need to teach them ways to cope with their anxiety and learn what it feels like to be anxious. It is important that children do feel some anxiety, especially about unfamiliar things as this is a natural response. However, by teaching them how to deal with it, you can help them to overcome it.

Stay Positive and Set Realistic Expectations

You cannot tell your child that they will never get frightened, or that nothing will make them anxious, but you can tell them that everything will be okay in the end and that this feeling will pass. Give them the confidence to know that no matter how scared or anxious they feel; the event will be fine, and they will do their best. Over time, their anxiety levels will start to drop, and the same event or situation won’t be as scary the next time.

Encourage them to Overcome Physical Problems

There may be things, for example, physical problems, which your child will have to deal with as they grow older. Although other children can be cruel at times, it is important that they understand that their physical problems shouldn’t impact on them being able to achieve whatever they want. Even if it makes them feel scared or anxious, they should be encouraged to do it and grow their confidence. Some issues such as stuttering can be made worse by anxiety and stress. Helping them by seeing speech therapists such as, you can teach them to feel more confident about themselves.

Respect Their Feelings

If your child is afraid and anxious about an upcoming event, it is important that you don’t criticize or belittle their feelings. You should try to understand why they are feeling the way they are and reinforce in them how you will help them to get through it. Listen to their worries and go through it with them, tell them that it’s ok to feel anxious and that you will be there to support them.

If you can endeavor to help and support your child with their anxiety, then you can give them the best possible tools to help them overcome it.  

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