A Go-to Guide for Buying Second-Hand Furniture

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Buying second-hand furniture can be exciting, as you can save a considerable amount of money on a beautiful item, which could add style, interest, and drama into your home. You may also stumble across a vintage piece that will take your visitors’ breath away and have it undergo antique furniture restoration. However, there are some used items that must be avoided at all costs, but if you end up deciding that you want brand new furniture then consider getting some of these accent chairs.

Never Buy a Used Mattress

A used mattress is one item to never add onto your second-hand shopping list. A lumpy, stained, or smelly mattress will not create a comfortable, stylish home. What’s more, they may also be a health hazard, as it could be a haven for dust mites, mold, and bed bugs. If you’ve already brought in a second-hand mattress into your home and are now suffering the burden of doing so, make sure to contact Turner Pest Control in Orlando as soon as possible. Also, never buy a used crib mattress from a flea market or garage sale.

Avoid Well-Used Upholstered Furniture

Does an upholstered furniture item look more than a little loved? Walk away from the item. Lumpy seats and heavily used upholstery will be enough to prove the furniture is uncomfortable. If it is just the upholstery that appears a little worn, you can replace it, but it might cost a considerable amount of money to do so professionally. Unless you are investing in an antique piece, you might be wise to look for another item for your home.

Look for Structural Defects

Obviously, you will want to purchase sturdy second-hand furniture, which is why you should review the item for structural defects before you buy. Look for cracks in a chair’s legs, wobbly legs, or missing parts from the furniture, which might be difficult to replace if the item is many years old. Also, you should inspect the furniture for water damage, termites or another insect infestation that could eat away at the furniture – and your home.

Don’t Consider Smelly Furniture

It can be difficult to eliminate unpleasant aromas from furniture. Over time, upholstered furniture or case goods can absorb a variety of smells from multiple sources, such as cooking aromas, smoke from cigarettes or a fire. If the item produces an unappealing scent, avoid the furniture at all costs; otherwise, your home could smell like the item, too.

Pay the Right Price or Walk Away

A seller may attempt to sell an item of furniture for a high asking price, in a bid to receive a great return on their investment. However, you should not buy the used item if you believe it is priced higher than its worth. For example, if the item will require significant repairs, ask the seller to lower the price tag to reflect its condition.

A seller might put a high price tag on an old item of furniture, as they may believe it is an antique. Yet, to qualify as an antique, the item must be more than 100 years old. Always read trusted buying guides to make an informed decision when investing in an antique piece.

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