How to Cope with Children Living Far Away From Home

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There comes a time in everybody’s life when their children have to fly the nest. You may think that it’s them who rely on you, but as they’ve grown up, you may have found that it’s actually you who have come to rely on them. This is why it’s particularly hard to deal with when they move out. It could be to a college halfway across the country, or to start up a life in another part of the world. Either way, it’s a shock to the system that will take a while to adjust to. Luckily, when you’ve got some great ways of dealing with their absence, you could well find that it gives you a brand new lease of life.

Keep in touch regularly

More and more young adults than ever are spending their early twenties volunteering in third world countries, or teaching English to small children in schools. This means they could be spending more time away than you anticipated. Locations like Cambodia, Japan, and the Philippines are all becoming popular with this age bracket, despite being far away. Yet, just as you keep in contact with your parents, your kids will still want to hear your voice on the end of the phone every once in a while. It should be no different when they are away, which is why taking advantage of cheap calls for the Philippines among other places are a great way to keep regular contact for a reasonable price.

Send care boxes

A phone call every now and then is always nice, but it unfortunately can highlight the lack of physical contact between you and your kids. Committing to both of you sending a care box as you might have done when they were in college can be a lovely way of having something to hold on to, and will help both of you feel reassured and loved if you are having a bad day. It can be a little pricey to send heavy items, but if you are only sending them every few months, the postage fee will more than pay off for the feeling both of you get when you open the box.

Make plans to see them

Even though your child might be living somewhere that seems unreachable, the world is much easier to travel now than it has been previously. Saving up to have a great vacation in a hot country, while also going to see your child can be a foolproof way of killing two birds with one stone. It will also help you make the most of the time you do spend with each other, which will give you fuel to fight the blues when you have to spend the next stretch of time without seeing them.

Find your own feet

Having children is an unbeatable experience, but it can stop you from doing things that you’ve always wanted to do with them to worry about. When the last of your children have left home, use it as an excuse to see your friends more, take up that dancing class, or even to do a spot of traveling yourself. The world is as much your oyster as it is your child’s, and life certainly doesn’t stop after they’ve grown up.

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