Add Some Flare To Your Garden

If you look out into your garden now, what do you see? Some of you out there will see something to be proud of. Others will look out to a garden that’s just needing a bit of TLC. We get that it can be hard work, and a tad boring to maintain a garden. But if you can put in the effort to do a bit of housework each week, you can put in a bit of effort to add some flare to your garden. There’s plenty of ways to do it, all of which aren’t going to cost you too much. Just stick with it and you’ll have a garden to be proud of. Did some say garden parties?!

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Go Colourful

If your garden doesn’t have colour, then we don’t think you’re doing it right. That’s what a garden is all about. It should be bright, bold, and full of an array of flowers and trees. Don’t just stick to one colour, there’s no end to the range you could go for. So, for trees, we understand it is hard to get some colour. But something that isn’t going to be overpowering, but still has a lot of flare, is brazilian pepper trees. They can get pretty big, but still manageable for a garden, just make sure it has plenty of room to grow. Before you start googling, no they don’t grow peppers. But they do produce lovely red berries, not to be eaten, during colder months. In the warmer months they hold their beautiful old green leaves which still adds colour to the garden. As for flowers, we recommend a veronica plant, and a tall garden phlox. The contrasting blue and deep pink is going to look truly wonderful in any garden.

Go Foodie

Now we can talk about food. Another great way of adding colour and flare that you might not have thought of. If you want to go really tasty and produce some amazing colours, then strawberries are going to be a hit for you. They might take some time to grow, and you do need to make sure you’re tending to them each week with water and minerals. But once blossomed you will have the juiciest home grown strawberries right in your back garden. When they are fully blossomed it’ll be hard to cut them down due to how amazing they’ll look!

Go Snazzy

A snazzy garden is the best type of garden. If you want to make it a place where you and your friends, or even just families can hang out then a hot tub is the way forward. It is the perfect mix of snazzy and flare, and not a lot of people have them. A hot tub gathering is so relaxed and fun at the same time. Yes, we understand it might be costly, but what you get in return is so worth it. You can even get canopies or gazebos to go overhead when the weather isn’t the best, transforming your hot tub into an all year round affair!

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