5 Strategies for Keeping Your Home Clean and Tidy When You Have Kids

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We’ve all been through it. You walk into your friend’s kitchen and everything is locked up or padlocked to ensure their child doesn’t get hold of the valuable goods within. There’s a gate for each section of the house and you have to crack a combination code just to get your knife and fork from the drawer. Later in the evening you head home and think of how lucky you are to not have to deal with that.

But here you are now, with a child and a bunch of furniture and possessions that you don’t want to be ruined. You also care about your kid’s health, of course. It’s important to maintain and, even better, improve the cleanliness of your home when you have kids. Allowing them to grow up in a safe and healthy environment is paramount to their development.

Here are five helpful tips for keeping your home clean and tidy when the kids come along.

Make Space

With another person or two in the house, having more room to breathe always helps. Shuffle the sofas around, get rid of empty cabinets and throw out or donate any old appliances/accessories. Ensure that their rooms are clean from the beginning as well, long before you move in the cradle and play house.

If you’ve just moved in, now would be a great time to go through every box that’s still lying around and ensure that you’ve unpacked. Get it done and you won’t have to worry about it ever again.

Get More Bins

These can range from wooden boxes to canvas storage units, as long as you don’t mind them getting dirty and you can fit a trash bag around the rim, you’re set. Label the bins if you can and be sure that your kids know where to allocate their stuff. For example, you could have one for papers, one for clothes that need washing, and another for other recyclable trash such as chocolate wrappers.

Use Birthdays and Christmas As Purge Days

It’s during these times that your kids will inevitably receive something they already have or a better version. Go through their belongings and come to an agreement on what you can sell or donate to help reduce clutter.

Quality Over Quantity

Instead of buying them a bunch of cheap junk, focus on saving for single items that will last years to come. A 200-page book is much more beneficial to your kids than a 200-dollar set of Barbie dolls. The same applies to furniture. If your child sits at the desk a lot, get a comfortable and ergonomic chair. Check out finddigitalmagazines.co.uk for inspiration on quality interior pieces.

Accept The Inevitable

Very few kids aren’t messy. It’s a fact that you simply cannot change, so don’t get angry when you’re greeted with a mess. Rather use it as an opportunity to teach them how to avoid making more mess in the future.


If you’re a good parent, you’ll eventually develop a routine and learn to work with your child to clean up messes. Just take a deep breath and keep in mind that every parent goes through this and that it’ll all end sooner than you think.

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