Dollar Store Organizing Ideas

Organizing your household doesn’t have to be difficult, and nor does it have to cost you a lot of expenses. There are many easy and creative ways that you can repurpose things that you find at your local dollar store. You might have noticed the huge spectrum of items the store has that can easily help you organize your own home. From organizing your bathroom to the kitchen and laundry room, there are many ways to help you remove the clutter and be more organized.

You are also saving a lot of money in the long run when organizing your home by shopping at the dollar store. So check out these 15 organizing ideas from the dollar store for your home!

DIY Tiered Tray idea from Liz Marie Blog

Create a tiered open display organizer for you own accessories. All you need is some candlestick holders that sit the plates together. This DIY project is very simple to put together and the supplies are directly bought from the dollar store.

Plastic or Canvas Container idea from IHeart Organizing

Use small plastic or canvas containers to keep items perfectly organized in. You can use them to help your kids keep their clothes organized, especially if they are learning to dress themselves now. It’s also great for toys or other items. There are a variety of sizes of these containers at the dollar store.

Extra Bathroom Storage idea from Life Hacker

Add a second shower rod to your bathroom which can be used to hang little baskets with the help of your shower curtain rings. You can store just about any bathroom item in these baskets.

Portable Spice Kit Organizer idea from Dollar Store Crafts

Create your own take-along portable spice kit organizer with a very inexpensive pill carrier. Just label the spaces where the days are labeled for the spices you want to carry with you. This is great if you are going camping or traveling somewhere you might cook. You can even use them when going out to eat!

Organize Medical Bottles idea from Ask Anna Moseley

Organize your medicine items in a quick and easy way to help you find what you need. It is also a great way to help you get rid of expired medicines. Place each category in a different plastic container from the dollar store that fits on yourself. Make sure you label the containers.

Keep Schoolwork Organized in a File Box idea from IHeart Organizing

A great way to keep your children’s schoolwork organized during the year is to file it into a box. You can keep all the important papers and other things in a file that is labeled. You now will always know where to go when you need to find something.

DIY Mobile Device Charging Station idea from Time with Thea

Keep the counters clutter-free of mobile phones and tabs being charged with this charging station idea.

Kitchen Memo Board idea from Claire’s Fairytale

If you don’t have a menu board within your household, you need one. It’s a great way to keep family events organized. All you need is a wooden picture frame, clothing pins, and a bit of crafty items.

Coffee Mug Coat Rack Holder idea from Laurg Home Design Solution

Save a lot of cabinet space in your kitchen by using a coat rack to hold coffee mugs. It also makes a cute, unique home decor appearance in your kitchen! You can spruce up the coat racks with some spray paint or add a little sign above.

Organize Laundry Room with Baskets idea from Organize with Sandy

Get your laundry room organized with plastic baskets right from the dollar store. There are a lot of variety of baskets there. Just add the baskets to a metal rack or shelving unit and you have the perfect organized laundry room.

Organize Your Pantry idea from Me, Myself & DIY

Transform your messy pantry to a chic, well-organized pantry with style. Organize your pantry items into plastic containers of your choice. Get metal racks to hang spices and other food items. Make sure to label the containers.

Hanging Baskets idea from Be Different Act Normal

Get a set of graduated wicker baskets and a bit of rope. Keep bathroom supplies or anything else you need organized in the baskets. It also adds a very cute chic charm to your bathrooms.

Cereal Container as a Car Trash Can idea from DIY Real

If you are looking for ways to keep the trash clean out of your cars, it’s time to get a trash can fro the car! Use a cereal plastic container as your own trash can in your car. Just put a plastic trash bag or grocery bag in the cereal container. This is also great because you can close the container so no trash falls out of it and make it simple when you are on the go.

Gift Wrap Storage idea from The Country Chic Cottage

Organize your gift wrap items with a shoe organizer. Just hang the shoe organizer over the door and keep all your wrapping paper and items in their own little storage area.

Organize Dresser Drawers idea from My So-Called Home

Canvas pop-up organizers are a great and cheap way compared to other ways to organize items within your dresser drawers. You can also use small mesh bags to keep delicate items separated and protected.

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