Art for your One Word – DIY

Do you choose a word each year to focus on, to inspire you to grow in a particular area, to keep you focused or to live your life by?

For more years then I can remember I have had a OLW  ( One Little Word) that I use to keep myself , my goals, my family and whatever God has called me to do that year in focus.  Some of my past words have been Passion, Acknowledge, Dream,  Purpose, Perseverance, Change and the OLW list goes on.  Some years I have been more successful then others of keeping focused on my OLW and other years I have lost my focus but that does not stop me from choosing a new word once again each January.

Being the visual person that I am –  I have discovered that  the best way for me to remember , stay focused and grow dur
ing the year with my OLW is to create a visual that I can see .

I discovered a simple project  over on Staci Edwards former  blog Inspired by life that could easily create a visual of our OLW.

She says it is as simple as  gluing  wooden letters to canvas and then spray painting it all white {or whatever colour you like} and voila instant beauty and instant OLW art to remind you all year long.  You could make this as small or as large  as you choose depending on the size of letters and canvas you use.

How about you –  do you choose a OLW each year?

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