5 Ways to Stick to What You Say in Parenting

5 waysSticking to what you say in parenting is one of the most important yet at times it can also be one of the hardest thing to do.  We say it , we mean it but then we forget it or even wear out.  How can we begin to stick to what we say?  iMom  made a list of 5 simple ways  to stick to what you say in parenting.

#2 is One of my favorite and one my kids have head both my husband even say over and over to them:

2. Your word is your bond.  If your kids know you’re wishy-washy, your word isn’t worth much.  Once they peg you as a “giver-inner” they’ll push and push until they get you to cave.  So keep that in mind when you feel your resolve crumbling.

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