10 Cool Kid Approved Bento-Box Lunches

Are you tired of making sandwiches day after day? Is your child complaining of their lunch being constantly boring about having the same thing? Spice up your children’s lunches with Lunch Deli bento boxes. You can start mixing and matching to create fun and healthy combos for school.

Take a look at these fun and creative bento box lunch ideas for your child!

Garden-Inspired Bento Box idea from Martha Stewart

A delicious garden inspired lunch.

Fall Faves idea from Parents

Included in this autumn-themed lunch is a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce, rainbow carrots, fig cookies, pineapple, pomegranate seeds, and edamame.

Italian Orzo Pasta Salad idea from Working Mother

This meal can be prepped beforehand as it can last up to three days.

Pinto Bean Wrap idea from Bentoriffic

Use whole-wheat tortillas filled with pinto beans, brown rice, and quinoa. It is filled with fiber and delicious fruit.

Sweet Potato Burger with Brown Sugar & Honey Mayo idea from The Roxx Box

A sweet potato burger that is loaded with lots of vitamins. There’s even veggies and fruit to finish off a perfect healthy, fun lunch.

Dippin’ Delight idea from Parents

Get dunking with this fun bento box. Packed with apples slices to dip in caramel sauce, cherry tomatoes and baby carrots, nectarines, cheese, and whole-grain cereal.

Taco Bento Box idea from Working Mother

Get ready to make this for Taco Tuesday! Kids will love this. You can switch the toppings each week or to what your child loves.

Pita Sandwich Bento idea from Beneficial Bento

Fill the pita with tuna and lettuce. You can add a side salad with veggies.

Pizza Bento Lunch Box idea from Parenting

A pizza made with no hassle!

School Rocks! Bento idea from This Lunch Rox

Get your children pumped for school with this fun School Rocks! bento box idea.

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