Kids’ Dream Jobs: What Are the Most Popular?

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Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? Was it something wild and exciting? Was it something that would help other people? Was it something that didn’t even exist (and does it now?)? Children love to talk about the jobs they are going to have when they grow up – some of them stick with their plan, and others find themselves heading in different directions. It’s always interesting to discover that careers our little ones are interested in. What are the most popular choices?


Both girls and boys love the idea of becoming a dancer. Is it the gorgeous costumes or the movement itself that makes it seen like such a dream job? Since there are many different types of dancer, and many different jobs that a dancer can do, this choice is a pretty broad one, but it’s an exciting one. Dancers get to travel the world doing something they love! Whether it’s ballet, jazz, ballroom, or modern, dancing is good for you too.


Children who enjoy school often love the idea of being a teacher themselves one day. You might notice them sitting their stuffed animals in a row and reading to them, or showing them how to do math on a chalkboard. Teaching is a wonderful profession – remember, without teachers, we wouldn’t have any of the other professions either! We need teachers and always will, so this is a good career choice for anyone.


For those with a big social conscience, becoming an attorney like the people at Powers McCartan can be a dream come true. The excitement of the court room, the thrill of helping people, and the ability to help those in need are big pulls, so it’s no wonder that attorney is near the top of the list of favorite jobs.


Being a firefighter is a dream job for many children. It is seen as exciting and fun (especially when it comes to driving the big firetruck with the sirens blaring and the lights flashing) and it can save lives, so it’s an amazing thing to do. Firefighters can specialize in dealing with hazardous materials, or in rescuing trapped victims, and many also have EMT certification – it’s like two (or three!) jobs in one!


It’s unlikely that a child will come into contact with any actual detectives on a day to day basis, yet the idea that being one would be a fun thing to do still prevails. Perhaps the idea comes from children’s shows on TV, or books, but whatever it is it has certainly caught the attention of the little ones who love the idea of solving crimes – the more dangerous and dastardly the better – and righting wrongs.


Creative writing and storytelling are skills that many children have, but as they get older and practice them less, they can diminish. Those who continue may well be able to follow their dream job of being a writer. As with other creative careers, there are many different types of writer, from novelist to blogger, so there is certainly a lot of scope. If your little one loves to write, keep their scribblings – you never know what they will lead to!

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