Why You Should Choose Hair Removal Laser Treatments

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One of the most popular cosmetic treatments for the past couple decades is hair removal treatments. It continues to increase being in demand thanks to lasting results. The procedure takes only one to two hours of your time. For anyone who has unwanted hair growth, having to repeatedly remove it becomes an everlasting chore. When it comes to value, most feel that a laser treatment is money well spent.

The Laser Hair Removal Process

Basically the process involves special laser hair removal equipment which uses light waves to target the hair follicle in order to destroy the root. The laser heats the follicle by focusing on the melanin (pigment) in the hair. Over the next week or two after treatment, the hair shaft will break off and shed.

Hair removal methods used at home do not normally damage the hair root. Shaving with razors, for instance, cuts the hair follicle high up on the shaft, just above the skin. Depilatory creams, or chemical hair removal, destroys the hair right at the surface of the skin. Tweezing, plucking, and waxing yanks the hair from the skin, but does not destroy the root. Hair grows back quickly, so you need to repeat the routine frequently if not daily.

Reactions And Side Effects

It is not unusual for your skin to react to hair removal treatments. At home, shaving irritates the skin, leaving uneven bumps behind and sometimes nicking the skin. Depilatory creams use a caustic chemical which often causes minor burns and blisters in the treated area. Using hot wax can easily burn you and is rather painful to use. With lasers, few side effects occur when the technician takes care to verify the correct settings for your skin and hair color. The skin often turns red temporarily and can be relieved with a cold compress or ice pack. Using the wrong setting to match you skin and hair tones can result in hyper-pigmentation or even hypo-pigmentation, especially on darker skin tones.

The Cost Of Professional Hair Removal

When you first compare the expense of laser hair removal to home methods, it may seem like professional treatments are far more costly. Laser treatments cost anywhere as low as $150 to as much as $1,000 per session, depending on how large an area on your body. Razors, shaving gel, tweezers, hot wax and all other home versions of hair removal are far less expensive, right? Wrong. The cost of doing it at home accumulates over the years and exceeds the cost of laser procedures over time. Don’t forget to add in future costs for at home, either.

The Cost Of Hair Removal At Home

When looking at costs, also consider the time factor. Getting your unwanted hair removed with a laser is a fairly quick procedure, lasting less than two hours. It will need to be repeated three to seven times to make it more permanent with only a touch up treatment once every year or two. Now think about how often you repeat the cycle of removing hair in your home. You might be staggered at the amount of time you’ve spent already on it. If you it off, there is time spent lathering the area with shaving gel, shaving, then rinsing it all off afterwards. For most people, that becomes a monotonous task that must be repeated almost daily.

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