5 Signs Your Baby is Learning to Talk

Your little bundle of joy is quickly growing. You might be one of those parents that are anxiously waiting for your child to say their first word. I know when my first son was babbling away I was eager to help find any way to hear him try and say his first words. Did you know there are actually a few developmental milestones along the way that can help you know your baby is trying to talk?

Here are 5 signs your baby is learning and trying to talk with you.


A baby has several different types of cries. Some of these are discomfort, hunger, loneliness, or when they are ready for a nap or bedtime. You will quickly learn when your baby is born to the coming months how to translate the meaning of these different cries.


Laughing is another milestone of communication that your little one will develop. A baby starts to laugh between the ages of 4 to 6 months.


He might not be able to make out words yet, but he is able to make sounds. For instance, he can make vowel sounds like “Ooh” and “Aah”, which are early forms of your baby trying to talk. This usually happens around when your baby is four months old.


When your baby is 7 to 8 months, they will be able to start vocalizing their positive and negative thoughts. Your baby might hear their favorite sound, such as a song, and he or she might make a cooing noise to let you know they like it.

Building Blocks

These babbles, crying, and laughter are the building blocks for the language and communication that your child will soon be doing. So keep talking to your little ones and help them become familiar with sounds and words.

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