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I hate cleaning with chemical cleaners or bleach. I just refuse to, especially after having my daughter. I do not want to expose her to any of those things! The trouble is, I’ve been disappointed with most natural cleaners and home remedies. I’ve struggled to find cleaners that were both effective and safe enough to use around my daughter. The more I learned about the health risks associated with the fragrances, dyes, surfactants & preservatives used in even so-called “natural” cleaners, the warier I became about the cleaners I was buying. And none of the home remedies I tried left things feeling or smelling as clean as I’d like them to. That is, until now. Meet the Force of Nature (no, no, that’s not the name of a pro wrestler… although it could be).

The Force of Nature uses a technology, called electrolyzed water. Electrolyzed water is created when electricity is applied to salt, water & vinegar. The active ingredient it creates is commonly used in wound, eye & veterinary care products because it’s so safe. It’s also used as a green cleaner by large institutions, where it’s made in industrial size tanks.

Force of Nature miniaturizes this technology into a little appliance that sits on your countertop (just in case you don’t need an industrial size tank lying around like I do). It uses tap water plus a little capsule of salt, water & vinegar to make a non-toxic cleaner that’s just as effective as bleach (yes, you read that right). You can use it to replace bleach, deodorizers, kitchen, bath & rug cleaners. It’s just as effective as Clorox Clean-Up, Formula 409, Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles, Febreze & Resolve, but with zero toxic chemicals. It’s so safe you can spray it on pacifiers, teethers, & baby toys without needing to rinse. It even saves money, because it costs just 7 cents an ounce.

In short, it is the perfect cleaner for health and safety conscious moms everywhere! They even sell travel sized bottles for your purse and diaper bag. So if you find yourself without it, there’s really no excuse.

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