A Seasonal Spruce Up for the Home this Fall and Winter

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Unless you’re a die-hard sun-worshipping goddess, who in the world doesn’t love the romance of fall and winter? After all, you and your family get to wear those wonderful, cozy clothes and hike through the many-colored leaves, which need cleaning from the yard and choose never to comply with either rake or leaf-blower, leaving you frustrated and cursing the day summer’s final sun set (though the kids love them).

Indeed, those beautifully lit weeks and months apparently had you blinded to the true state of your home, the glare of the sun erasing from sight the stains on the paintwork and the strange mold-like plants growing from the neglected bird feeder in the garden that your children were adamant needed to be hung. In short, the darker days seem to show you in a dismal light as a homeowner, so now is the time to tackle these challenges head on, and undertake a home and garden spruce up!

Outside In

As most people know, a well-tended garden goes a long way to adding a touch of beauty to your home. If your paintwork’s a little flaked or stained from leaking gutters or streaked with bird mess, you need to call in a contractor to do repairs and buy some bird repellent to sort these issues out and you should consider getting gutter screens so yours won’t get damaged so often after doing repairs, that way you won’t have any leaks going down your wall. Spend time in the yard, as most of your flowers will have died off by now and a large majority of the focal plants will now have that browned look which is crying out for attention. Put on some gloves (get the kids to put on some gloves, too) and get pulling and snipping at the dead and the dying. A simple tidy-up goes a long way in improving the views from the curb, and from your windows.

Inside Out

After going to all that trouble of fixing up the outside view, when you look out of your windows  are they clean and clear? Or do you have that grimy and speckled raindrop effect? If so, all the indoor elbow grease-enabled window cleaning in the world won’t help the outer glass, so if you can then it really does pay to invest in a professional window cleaner. The sun lies lower over the winter months, and you will notice any stains on the window far more than in summer. There is no more a crucial time of year to have as much sunlight shine in through your windows, but you don’t want to be distracted by smears and stains. The change in the availability of sunlight will also force you to address the lighting in your home. Make sure that you have adequate lighting to brighten the room and your mood. Use table lamps to create atmosphere and coziness.

Furthermore, with all that fresh illumination, other aspects of your home’s interior in need of attention will reveal themselves to you soon enough, but now is the time for winter hibernation, so you may just have to write a list of chores to do for spring, after all, that is the time for real rejuvenation.

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