Four Fun Themes When You Want to Pull Out All the Stops for Your Child’s Birthday Party

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Celebrating a child’s birthday can be a great opportunity for family fun and can create some precious memories both you and they will look back on happily in the future. Some years, you may feel like really pulling out all the stops to create a really special party, one that your child and their friends will be truly thrilled by, and which will also be fun for the adults!

A theme is always a good place to start when planning a big birthday bash for a child. A theme can help you plan the activities, cake, decorations, and food, and can also give everyone the fun of dressing up – which can be as amusing for adult family members as for kids! So, here are four great ideas you can take inspiration from:


Everyone loves going to a carnival or fair, and so why not recreate the fun at home, with your child as the guest of honor? Carnival food is fun for everybody, though perhaps not the healthiest option. You can set up fun carnival games like a ring toss where kids can win prizes. Naturally, no carnival is complete without rides, so why not rent a Ferris wheel as the centerpiece for your party?


Half the movies that come out these days – both for adults and kids – are about superheroes, and it’s a trend that has really caught the imaginations of a lot of kids – especially slightly older ones. There are plenty of opportunities for costumes and decorations with a superhero theme, and you can organize games to be played in teams. For instance, Marvel heroes versus DC, or the Avengers versus the X-Men. This is a theme that works well for both boys and girls, and is also fun for the adults, as let’s admit it, we all have a favorite hero!


Pirates can be a great theme to do, especially in summer when you can have water-themed games and activities such as water balloon and water gun battles. If you have a pool, you can create even more pirate-themed activities the kids can do while pretending to be on the high seas. A treasure hunt is also a great way to work the theme into the things you plan for the day, especially if you make pirate-style treasure maps they have to solve and hide candy that looks like coins and jewels! For the grownups, it is also a good excuse to mix up some great rum cocktails!


A good theme for girls can be Disney princesses. However, most of the time you’ll want to invite at least some boys who may not really enjoy that idea! Opening up the idea to all kinds of Disney characters means that boys, or girls who just aren’t into the princess thing, can come as their own favorite characters, including characters from Star Wars!

These are just four ideas that can make for a great party – let your imagination run wild and you may find you are able to come up with lots of ways to make these themes extra fun for your child!

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